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Plain Sweet Lassi
Maheer - Faisalabad Mar 30, 2017
Please help me with making Plain Sweet Lassi recipe perfectly with an awesome taste. I have been trying Drink Recipes but this is first time I came here for looking for this dish.
Seviyan Sweet (Vermicelli Noodles)
Affery - Peshawar Mar 24, 2017
My best friend used to cook Seviyan Sweet (Vermicelli Noodles) recipe very effectively and tastefully. I learned recipe and many kinds of Eid Recipes from her and will seek more from her.
Plain Sweet Lassi
Hania - Sakardu Mar 16, 2017
I like lassi very much. Now the summers are near and the perfect time for drinking lassi is so near. So I will try to make it in the summers and then will you know my remarks about it.


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