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thanks , i don't know about hummus too much but heard it's name couple of times. Today I saw this recipe and found that it looks very delicious and easy one with very nice ingredients such as hummus which I was also excited for.

  • Nadra, DIKhan

Shawarma is nice great food and as per my hygienic practices, I avoid eating outside foods that is why I make all these foods and shawarma especially for my kids. It is good choice to make with chicken and especially hummus makes the taste perfect one.

  • Deeba, Lahore

shawarma is good very tasty and I don't know whether it is healthy or not. These days there are many new restaurants and they provide home delivery service. Recently I ordered a shawarma from food panda , I didn't remember the restaurant.. it was very tasty. I would like to try the same taste.

  • Rida, Karachi

I am interested in making this shawarma with hummus however please tell me what is this hummus. I really have no idea but I am interested in making shawarma with all this complete recipe as it is presented. Thanks.

  • Naseera, Rawalpindi

Shawarma is my all time favorite food to enjoy with family. However before making this at home, we went out to different restaurants , now I thought that we should enjoy a homemade shawarma. I was quite interested in hummus so I picked your recipe to see how does it taste.

  • Ghazala, Hyderabad

Yesterday I was looking to enjoy something new in the dinner. So I searched on internet, and chose shawarma. I liked it, my kids loved it and we all have had a great experience with it. So I thought I should search it's recipe and master it myself.

  • Bushra, Rawalpindi

shawarma is my best food that I cook in a very delicious way. My other cousins also make shawarma however I make it the best way. I make shawarma with a special recipe that my mother in law has told me.

  • Shahnila, Islamabad

These days I don't trust the outside shops of shawarma therefore I prefer to make it at home. I have all kinds of cooking equipment (main cooking and frying equipment) to make my favorite foods at home and I also make some foods for my kids as well.

  • Beenish, Hyderabad

What is this hummus? I have heard although a lot about shawarma that is why I came here on kfoods to find it's recipe. But I found here different new terminologies such as hummus. So I want to be a bit clear about that.

  • Ghazala, Rawalpindi

Nowadays do not eat shawarma from outside restaurants or fast food shops because there is no surety of chicken they use. Make shawarma at home and enjoy. I only follow kfood recipes and make all my favorite foods at home.

  • Malliha, Islamabad