Chicken Corn Egg Soup

See how to make chicken corn egg soup with an easy and authentic recipe by Chef Aneela Rizwan. Chicken, corn and egg are form the best soup recipes, so do not miss this out. Enjoy this delicious homemade soup.

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• Chicken 1 1/2 kg whole, boil, remove meat when tender, discard carcass
• Chicken stock 3 glasses, keep 1 cup aside
• Cream of corn 1 small tin
• White pepper 1 tsp, powdered
• Corn flour 3 tbsp
• Sugar 1 tsp
• Eggs 2 beaten
• White flour/ chicken stock cube mix 1 tbsp
• Sesame seed oil few drops
• Oil 2 tbsp
How to make Chicken Corn Egg Soup


1. In a large pan bring the chicken stock and cream of corn to boil. When it comes to a rolling boil, add white flour/ chicken stock cube mix, sugar, white pepper and chicken pieces, stir to mix and pour in the oil. Just before serving dissolve the corn flour in the cup of stock set aside, and add to the soup while stirring. Cook till the soup thickens.
2. Remove pan from heat. After 2 minutes add the beaten eggs while stirring, put the pan back on heat till egg forms into pieces. Sprinkle sesame seed oil, serve hot with Soya sauce, vinegar and hot sauce.
3. Chicken Corn Soup is ready to serve, Enjoy .

Soup recipes do have outstanding demand all over the world. There is always a surge in soup's demand as winters start. Soups keep the body warm and protected from various cold infections.

Soup chefs have devised hundreds of different soups so far. In Pakistan and India, the most famous soups are those made with chicken and corn. Yet there are many variations in this soup. Different ingredients, additional spices and seasoning take it's varieties to infinity.

One of the very special variation of chicken soups i.e. chicken corn egg soup recipe is being presented here by This recipe has been shared by Chef Aneela Rizwan. Find the recipe and enjoy it in the winter nights.

Posted By: cooking expert Aneela Rizwan, Karachi

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Chicken soups are my weakness. And Aneela Rizwan you are my favorite chef. I was looking for your programs but you left coming on television. Are you running any youtube channel? please let us know so we could watch your recipes.

  • Aalia, Lahore

wow chicken corn soup is too good,sweet Cooking Expert Aneela Rizwan u r such a nice cooking expert in the world . i think there is only two kind of soup that is consume widely during winter season one is this recipe and the other is hot and sour soup. chicken corn soup is really very much beneficial for the health specially during winter season. in fact i am a very old user of kf and have tried several types of its recipes that too yummy.

  • Nasim Ahsan Habib, Defance Karachi