5 Best Samosa Recipes - Easy Homemade Samosa Recipe Step by Step

1.Chicken mayo Samosa

Chicken mayo Samosa is a delicious recipe that consists of boiled chicken pieces that are finely mashed to make thin bite-size filaments. You can also use chicken keema with a variety of other spices such as red chilies, green chilies, finely chopped coriander and salt. Mix the ingredients well and fill in samosa leaves. Make mayo sauce and add mayo in the filling as well. Making mayo chicken samosa has almost the same technique as the classic samosa, but the spicy taste and savory mayonnaise makes the samosa worthy of every bite!

2. Chinese samosa

Chinese samosa is a very innovative dish that is prepared from a combination of traditional desi and Chinese goodness that succeeds in making your mouth water. Chinese samosas are one of those modern dishes that can be served naturally with her delights as a snack or appetizer at a party, get-together or a fancy dinner. Chinese samosa recipe is very easy to make as well. All you need is noodes, vegetables, finely chopped chicken pieces and spices. Combine all of these delicious ingredients in a pan and cooked them until the ingredients perfectly cook. Then add boiled noodles and mix the ingredients well with it. Start filling the mixture into the samosa leaves and fry them until they are golden brown. Serve with imli ki meethi chutney!

3. Bbq samosa

Bbq samosa is every samosa and bbq lover’s dream as it contains the perfect mix of smoked chicken, spices, vegetables and a delicious samosa pastry sheet. First the chicken is finely chopped into very small size, cooked with spices and then topped with burning coal to add the smokey flavor and smell. Once the mixture is dried, fill in the samosa leaves and fry them until they are golden brown. Serve with the chutney of your choice! It goes absolutely scrumptious with imli ki chatni.

4. Daal Samosa

Daal samosa is a dream come true as it is not only absolutely scrumptious with ketchup or mint chutney, but is a super healthy treat. If you’re a person who’s dieting and looking for diet foods that can supply the same amount of protein as normal food then look no further because daal samosa is packed with protein and other benefits. The daal is fried with a bunch of delicious spices and vegetables, and then cooked until the mixture is almost dry. Then the mixture is filled in the samosa leaves and served with chutney of your choice. Once you eat it, you won’t be able to stop asking for more!

5. Zeeray kay samosay

Zeeray kay samosay give out the most delicious aromatic smell once they are served. These delicious treats are prepared almost the same way as a regular aloo or keema samosa, except the goodness of zeera is also added. Zeera alone has many benefits and no other samosa can be as healthy as these bite-sized delights. The zeeray kay samosay recipe is very easy to follow and it takes less than 30 minutes to prepare this delicious recipe. Next time you’re looking for something delicious, yet healthy to eat then don’t forget to try these yummy treats!

Samosa is a fried or baked side dish that contains savory samosa filling such as keema (grinded chicken), spices, and onions. Best samosa recipes can also be altered to include other samosa ingredients such as spiced potato samosa recipe, onions, peas, lentils, macaroni, noodles, cheese, minced lamb or minced beef samosa recipe. Even nuts can be added! The size of a typical samosa may vary, depending on the chef making it. Easy homemade samosa can be moon-shaped, triangular or tetrahedral. Indian samosa is usually vegetarian and is loved by veg-lovers; they can also be served with mint chutney or chutney of your choice. Awesamosas recipes can be served as a popular appetizer, snack or side dish along with the main course.
The samosa origin takes place back in the era of the Mughal Empire. You can learn how to make samosa by learning this easy samosa recipe step by step.
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Samosa Recipe Step by Step making mayo chicken samosa has almost the same technique as the classic samosa,but the spicy taste and savory mayonnaise makes the samosa worthy of every bite this recipes is quit to make it easy then I try this recipe its good enjoy the unique to taste to make this dish.

Nov 22, 2018 Lubna karachi

All of these samosa recipes are a gift for snack time. I tried zeera samosa for the first time and it tasted really well. I'm looking forward for trying other samosa recipes too. All of them are very unique.

Sep 23, 2018 Ammal Faisalabad