Rasmalai Recipe

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Powdered Milk: 1 cup (may need to increase or decrease according to size of egg)
Baking powder 1/2 Tea spoon (tsp)
full Cream liquid Milk 3 cups
Sugar 3 serving spoons
seeds of 5-7 green Cardamoms
Almond flakes
Spreadable Butter 1/2 tsp
thickened Cream 600 gms

How to make Rasmalai


for Milk of rasmalai
1- put the liquid milk on the stove on medium heat and add sugar and cardamom seeds in it.
2- boil the milk and keep it on the stove

for rasmalai
1- Sieve milk and baking powder and mix them together well
2- now add spreadable butter and then add egg and mix and knead the milk with the egg into a dough.
3- while the boiling liquid milk is on the stove, shape the rasmalai and keep adding them 1 by 1.
4- don't use spoon at this stage.shake the pot a little to move the rasmalai in the pot.
5- don't change the flame to high or low as this will spoil the rasmalai
6- when rasmali appear cooked add cream in it, mix gently and give it a boil.
7- garnish with pistashio and serve !

- Always use new baking powder for making Rasmalai
- Don't increase or decrease the amount of butter it will effect the Rasmali.
- Adjust the amount of powdered milk according to the size of the egg.
- Don't let the temperature of boiling milk change while adding the rasmalai
so don't raise or reduce the flame once rasmali are added.
- Don't add all the rasmali together. make and keep adding 1 by 1.

Chef Bajias Posted By: Aiman Iqbal,

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Rukhsana Mumtaz - Peshawar Oct 29, 2014
I love it

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Rasmalai Recipe in English is an easy and traditional cooking recipe to prepare at home. It provides you an awesome taste of Desserts Recipes.


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