Umfolozi Prayer Times 2023

Today Mar 26, 2023 prayer times Umfolozi are Fajr Time 4:39 AM, Zuhr Time 11:57 AM, Asr Time 3:22 PM, Maghrib Time 5:56 PM & Isha Time 7:10 PM. Prayer time Umfolozi are depend on the Islamic date 3 Ramadhan 1444. Get accurate Umfolozi Azan and Namaz (Salah) timings for all Muslim Ummah. Check all five Namaz Timings of Umfolozi for next 7 days. Read More

Todays Umfolozi Prayer Times
Fajar Sunrise Dhuhur Asr Maghrib Isha
4:39 AM 5:58 AM 11:57 AM 3:22 PM 5:56 PM 7:10 PM
Date Fajar Sunrise Dhuhur Asr Maghrib Isha
Mar 26 4:39 AM 5:58 AM 11:57 AM 3:22 PM 5:56 PM 7:10 PM
Mar 27 4:40 AM 5:58 AM 11:57 AM 3:21 PM 5:55 PM 7:08 PM
Mar 28 4:41 AM 5:59 AM 11:56 AM 3:21 PM 5:54 PM 7:07 PM
Mar 29 4:41 AM 5:59 AM 11:56 AM 3:20 PM 5:52 PM 7:06 PM
Mar 30 4:42 AM 6:00 AM 11:56 AM 3:19 PM 5:51 PM 7:05 PM
Mar 31 4:42 AM 6:01 AM 11:56 AM 3:18 PM 5:50 PM 7:04 PM
Apr 01 4:43 AM 6:01 AM 11:55 AM 3:18 PM 5:49 PM 7:03 PM

* All Timings are Beginning Times

Calculation Methods Juristic Methods Latitude /  Longitude
University of Islamic Sciences, Karachi Hanafi -28.5 / 32.1833
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Prayer Time Umfolozi

It is Compulsory for Muslims to Namaz (Salah) 5 times a day, and it is also important to know their time. Here are the prayer times Umfolozi today: 25 Mar. 2023 Fajr 4:39 AM, Zuhr 11:57 AM, Asr 3:22 PM, Maghrib 5:56 PM & Isha 7:10 PM.

Stay on top of your daily prayer routine with the prayer time Umfolozi schedule, which includes the azan and salat schedule, as well as a 7-day time table. The Fajr, Dhuhur, Asr, Maghrib and Isha namaz timings in Umfolozi are available with customizable prayer time calculation methods to help you calculate the proper time for your prayer.

For today, which is 3 Ramadhan 1444, you can find the Umfolozi prayer time along with the next 7 days' schedule from 25 Mar. 2023 to 01 Apr. 2023. Stay informed of the start and end time details for the Umfolozi zawal time updates as well.

In addition to the prayer times, you can also check the Iftar time in Umfolozi, which is at 5:56 PM for today, and the end of Sehri time in Umfolozi, which is at 4:39 AM. You can also find the Sehri and Iftar time for Fiqa Hanafi (sunni) or Fiqa Jafria (shia) in Umfolozi with all of this information readily available, you can easily stay on track with your daily prayer routine and observe your religious obligations.

The exact namaz time in Umfolozi is determined by local Islamic authorities, who use various methods to calculate the timings. These methods include the use of astronomical charts, mathematical calculations, and other scientific methods. The prayer times in Umfolozi are announced in local mosques and are also available online.

It is important for Muslims in Umfolozi to observe the prescribed prayer timings, as prayer is considered one of the fundamental pillars of Islam. In addition to the five daily prayers, Muslims in Umfolozi also observe the Jummah prayer, which is offered every Friday afternoon and along with that Nawafil Prayer such as Tahajjud, Ishraq, Chasht and Awwabin. This is a congregational prayer that is usually offered in a mosque and is an important social event for the Muslim community in Umfolozi.

Umfolozi Prayer Times Today

Prayer Time in Umfolozi for Saturday 25 Mar 2023 are:

  • ● Fajr Time in Umfolozi : 4:39 AM
  • ● Zuhr Time in Umfolozi: 11:57 AM
  • ● Asr Time in Umfolozi: 3:22 PM
  • ● Maghrib Time in Umfolozi: 5:56 PM
  • ● Isha Time in Umfolozi: 7:10 PM
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