Prawn Biryani Recipe

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To Prep
To Cook


Prawns two cups
RIce one and half cup
Ghee ya Oilhalf cup
Yogurt half cup
Salt one tsp-
Lal mirch one tsp-
Ginger and Garlic paste one tsp
Gurum masala one tsp
Haldi half tsp
Sabit kala zeera half tsp
Choti ilachi 5
Dalchini half inch piece.
Onion cut slIces half cup.

How to make Prawn Biryani


1. Rice ko dhoker one hour soak karen.
2. Sub se pehle patila mein oil garam karen or onion fry karen phir all prawns ko vinegar dal ker wash karen phir oil mein dal den.
3. Thora fry karen phir yogurt phent ker dalen or salt lal mirch haldi garam masala sara dalden or bhoon len yahan tak kay water jazb hojai.
4. Phir doosre patila mein water 5 glass dal ker oos mein salt kala zeera dal chini dal ker boil karen phir rice dal den jub zara gal jae to chan len .
5. Rice half nikalen or half ke ooper prawns dal den phir ooper rice dal ker dum per rakhen pehle flame tez ho phir bilkul dheema rakh ker half hour baad choola bund kerden.
6. Laziz prawns ki biryani tyyar hogai.
7. Raita or salad keh saath serve karen ye 4 peoples ke lia kafi hoge.

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Babgha - Hyderabad Mar 24, 2017
Thanks great, amazing Prawn Biryani recipe, it was great experience to find out delicious Rice recipes recipes at , I will make it and share my experience.
bisma - queeta Mar 11, 2017
Seafood can be prepare with different recipes. Here is very delicious recipe of prawn biryani by Chef Aamir Iqbal.
K. K Afshan - Jhelum Nov 24, 2015
I have transport problem that's why I can't go and buy prawn. Once I got any way for that I will definitely buy and cook a delicious biryani.
Nasir - Lahore Jul 19, 2014
How many types of biryani food recipes are cooked in many different countries of the world and how many recipes of them are tasty and how taste is their and are those recipes at website?
Naeem - Lahore Jul 16, 2014
I have listened many times to Chicken Biryani, Beef biryani, Sindhi biryani and Mumbai Biryani but the recipe prawns biryani at is I think that new for me.


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Prawn Biryani is a perfect recipe to make any occasion more special. It is good combination of rice and Prawn. It is very easy to prepare and gives you unique taste of Prawn recipes.

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