Jordanian Lamb and Rice Recipe

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2 Legs of lamb
Basmati rIce 4 cups
1 onion slIced thinly
10 Cloves of Garlic
2 tablespoon Salt
1 tablespoon ground cumin
1 tablespoon Tomato paste

How to make Jordanian Lamb and Rice


Take a pressure cooker. Add oil and washed lamb legs. Fry for some time and then add onions. When lightly browned add all of above spices and let it cook on medium heat for 45 minutes to one hour.Then remove when lamb is tender.Keep about 1/2 cup sauce alongside.

In another big pan , add 3/4 water and when it boils add salt one teaspoon and a bit of lemon juice.Add basmati rice and boil for 9 minutes.Then drain and keep to a side.

Now add a little oil and grease the oven pan.

Add the rice layer and top with the sauce and lamb legs.Place in a preheated oven covered with foil for 15 minutes.

Remove from oven and serve.A wonderful dish is ready.

Posted By: Khalida Ahmad, Lahore

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Reviews & Comments (3)

Maria - Lahore Mar 18, 2014
The best dish ever.The rice and lamb tasted extremely yummy.Its an out of this world AWESOMELY YUMMEEEEEE RECIPE.
Momee - Lahore Mar 16, 2014
Wah bhai.What a recipe.We made it today.Finger licking!!!!!!!
Maryam - Lahore Mar 15, 2014
I have eaten this and its a popular tasty dish.Good good.

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This is a very special dish like Kabsa and is traditionally from Jordan .It was taught by a Jordanian friend and I love it along with my family.It is easy to make also.


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