Walor papdi Meaning in English

The walor papdi refers to green flat beans which are extensively used in Gujarati cuisine. Also known as helda beans, flat beans are similar to the well-known runner bean. They are flat green beans with a smooth skin. The walor is very typical to gujarat and one might now find it everywhere. The complete plant is edible . The young leaves can be eaten in salad, the older leaves can be cooked. The flowers are edible raw. The young beans should be harvested and used to prepare Indian dishes. Flat beans are served cooked as an accompaniment to a variety of main courses including fish, chicken, pork and lamb. To serve, toss in butter and freshly ground black pepper or flavoured olive oil.Chopped walor papdi-Even the young, fresh walor papdi need to be topped and tailed and may also need stringing. Just pluck the end of a papdi with your hand, and then pull downward; if a thick thread comes away, the bean need stringing, so do the same on the other side. The papdi can then be sliced either using a sharp knife or with your hands. Cut or pluck them to pieces of one-inch length.


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