Sweet corn kernels Meaning in English

Sweet corn kernels Also Known as American corn, yellow corn kernels, sweet corn.Corn brightens a meal. It's one of the most loved of all vegetables. Most sweet corn varieties have white or yellow kernels. The typical sweet corn variety used to be yellow, but now bi-color, a combination of yellow and white kernels, is becoming popular. So is white sweet corn. Sweet corn has an even number of kernel rows, from eight to 22. Grated Sweet CornSweet Corn can be grated thickly or thinly as desired by the recipe. Take the grater and rub the corn cob against it. It can be added to make pancakes, corn pudding, soups or corn balls. Grated fresh sweet corn that's added at the end gives the dish natural sweet flavour, body and a wonderfully fresh flavor. The grated corn will look rather like scrambled eggs

 Corn flakes (100 gr, with sugar): 380 Calories


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