Low fat butter

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As the name goes, low fat butter is a product/ are products which are designed to lessen the amount of fat in foods so that you lower your total dietary fat intake. They are also called butter substitutes which are designed to be low in cholesterol, trans fats, saturated fats and sodium. The different forms in which low fat butter is available are as follows:·Margarine: Made from vegetable oil, it is vegetable fat that is processed into a spread. Soyabean oil, corn oil etc can be used as the base for making margarine. The oil undergoes hydrogenation which makes the end margarine more spreadable. Margarine was once touted to be a healthy alternative to butter. However, hydrogenation coverts some unsaturated fats in the oils to saturated fats. Thus, one has to be careful before purchasing margarine and look for margarine products that are less in saturated fats.

 Butter (fresh, 100 gr): 736 Calories

Low fat butter

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