Saanp ke Katne ka ilaj

Saanp ke Katne ka ilaj
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سانپ کے کاٹنے کا علاج

سانپ کے کاٹنے کی صورت میں اگر کسی شخص کو سانپ کاٹ لے تو فوراً کیلے کے درخت کے تنے سے تازہ رس نکالیں اس کے دوپیالے متاثر شخص کو پلادیں۔ سانپ کے کاٹے کے لئے یہ مجرب علاج ہے ۔ اگر چہ یہ رس بدمزہ ہوتا ہے لیکن اس کے پیتے ہی زہر کا اثر تیزی سے زائل ہونے لگتا ہے ۔ یہ رس پیشاب کی جلن کو بھی ختم کرتا ہے ۔

Saanp ke katne ka ilaj

Saanp ke katne ka ilaj – It is needless to say that whenever you are bitten by a snake, the first thing to do is to go to a hospital immediately; even non-poisonous snake bites can damage the muscles. This can happen due to some bacteria and viruses stored in the snake’s mouth. These bacterias can lead to harmful infections and even leave a permanent scar.It is important to know that you shouldn’t try to catch the snake that’s bitten you or it might bite you or others again.

Snake venom exists in a gland containing toxic poisonous snakes. Venom is like a pre-digestive substance is present, just like saliva that begins the breakdown of food into soluble components. Even snake bites that do not contain venom (like bites of any animal) cause tissue damage. This is a powerful attack or defense mechanism of snakes.

Treatment of snake bites:

If you a snake gives you a snake bite, immediately remove a fresh banana peel from a banana, then apply the slice on the affected area or person. This is a cure for snake bite. The banana peel will start to absorb the poison. This banana peel also ends the burning sensation in urine.

Saap ke Dasny ka ilaj | Snake Bite Treatment in Urdu | Snake Bite Solution

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