Chum Chum Recipe

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2 kg Milk
1/2 kg Sugar
1 tbsp Self raising flour
1 tsp Baking powder
5 Soap nuts
1 tbsp Tartary
1/2 cup Almonds Pistachios chopped
few drops Kewra Essence
as required Baking powder.

How to make Chum Chum


Break the soap nuts and remove the seeds. Boil the shell in water until it turns soft.

To make the syrup

In a saucepan heat the water along with the sugar until thick golden strands are formed
To make the dough

Pour the milk in a saucepan. Heat on a low flame. Now add the tartary so that the milk curdles.

Remove the cheese that has been formed. Add baking powder, corn flour and self raising flour. Mix the contents with your hand then beat together until all the ingredients have been thoroughly mixed.

Divide the mixture into two halves. Add the pink colour to one set and shape the mixture into oval balls.

Add the chum chum to the sugar syrup along wit the soap nut water, kewra. Cook the mixture on a low flame. until the chum chum float on top. Dish out and serve.

Chef Gulzar Posted By: Fabiha Mehmood, Karachi

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Sumaiya - Lahore Aug 02, 2017
chum chum is very delicious that is why I always try to eat it after having a meal. Actually, I do not eat it after every meal but I try whenever my husband goes to a sweet shop, I ask my husband to include chum chum as must item.
Sheeba - Muzaffarabad Mar 13, 2017
Hi, which chef is this chum chum recipe from? I was amazed to see that how we can make use of broken milk to make these cham cham and rasgulla recipes. I was making gulab jamun some days ago however now I will make this one soon.

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