5 Delicious Soup Recipes Not to Miss

5 Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Soups

  • Keeps body warm. A serious consideration in winters!
  • Helps lose weight. Yes it does!
  • Good for health. It is healthy and nutritious!
  • Good to eat in sickness.
  • Affordable. Soups do not cost too much!

Let's begin.

Soup 1

Hot and Sour Soup

hot and sour soup

1st in the list is hot and sour soup. It's bowl is great for spice lovers. It's sour and spicy taste makes the eater ask for more. Use of vegetables, chicken, corn flour, tomato paste and many different spices turn it into a delish food. Recipe differs in different regions however we will make it according to Pakistani and Asian culture. You can have it in the evening or at late night with all family members. It's a great thing to try.

See How to make hot and sour soup by KFoods.com here

Soup 2

Thai Soup

thai soup recipe

Thai soups and Thai every food are obviously famous across the world. We just need to locate them and try. So we are bringing you an easy Thai soup recipe with step by step guide. This will make up your mood. Try and see!

How to Make Thai Soup Recipe with Visual Instructions

Soup 3

Tomato and Tamarind Soup (Rasam)

tomato tamarind rasam soup recipe

A very tasteful way to soothe yourself in cold is Tomato and Tamarind Soup also known as Rasam. This soup is going to give a brand new smack to your tongue. Rasam recipe is not to just deliver a soup but a way to get warmth and heal from cold and congestion problems.

Recipe shared by Chef Teena Agnel, a great cooking expert who has introduced hundreds of recipes on her own.
See recipe here

Soup 4

Chicken Corn Soup

Chicken corn soup, the most famous one in Pakistan. Every soup seller would offer chicken corn soups as the basic item. Many house women like and wish to prepare it for family especially for their kids but often lack a way to make it. For those girls and women, now not to worry. Here is a visual recipe of a perfect chicken corn soup. The way recipe is presented, will not let you worry anymore. Just see and give it a try!

Chicken Corn Soup Recipe

Soup 5

Yakhni Soup

yakhni soup recipe

Yakhni is though very common. Every breakfast of Eid ul Adha day starts with yakhni. KFoods brings an easy and step by step visual guide for you to prepare a delicious cup of yakhni soup. Explore the thorough guide of yakhni and make a perfect one today.

Yakhni Soup Recipe


soup pine ki fayde

Soups are wonderful. Since the first soup was introduced till this day, hundreds of recipes of soups have been derived. Soups are found in every cuisine of the world. Chinese, Thai, Pakistani, Indian, Italian and American, all offers delicious varieties of soups. If we talk about Pakistan, here we see mainly chicken soup, egg soup, chicken corn and.. And? That's over. We guys have tasted very few flavors of soups, so we decided to introduce some flavors of soups that your taste sense might be unaware of. In this article, KFoods.com will tell you about some superb recipes of soups and how to prepare them at home.

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5 Delicious Soup Recipes thai soups and thai every food are obviously famous We just need to locate them and try So we are easy thai soup recipe with step by step guide to kfoods.com this will easy to make it.

  • Aiza, karachi
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Our new favorite tomato soup recipe and so easy to make. I am so pleased to have discovered this recipe. i will definitelt try other recipes as well. but this omato soup recipe was out of this world.

  • Ghana, Iran
  • Sep 23, 2018

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