Top 7 Tasty Fish Recipes

Recipe 1

Fried Lahori Finger Fish

Lahori fish fry

Lahori fish is popular in whole Pakistan. People especially visit Lahore food streets to enjoy the nationwide famous taste of Lahori fish. If you are keen to know how to prepare Lahore finger fish, here is the recipe:

Lahori Finger Fish Recipe

Recipe 2

Fish Broast

fish broast

Have fun with the crispy meat broast but fish this time. You would hardly even heard about the recipe of fish broast but today, we will tell you whole the way to make it.

Recipe here: Fish Broast Recipe

Recipe 3

Fish Tikka

fish tikka recipe

Forget chicken here and get ready to enter the fantasy of spicy flavors of fish tikka. If have fish at home, set it aside and tell everyone that you are going to make something very special.

Fish Tikka Recipe in Urdu (Step by Step with Pictures)

Recipe 4

Fry Lady Fish

lady fish fry

Discover the famous lady fish recipe in Urdu here as brought to you by See the perfect way to prepare a delicious and perfect lady fish.

Fried Lady Fish Recipe

Recipe 5

Fish Fillet with Tartar Sauce

fish fillet with tartar sauce

Fish fillet is understood to be served with tartar sauce. We brought both for you. Today, you are going to become a fish fillet expert. Here is the detailed step by step recipe for you:

Fish Fillet with Tartar Sauce (Step by Step Recipe)

Recipe 6

Coconut Fish

fish coconut

Tired of traditional ways of cooking a fish? Let's cook it with coconut and hop to prepare with coconut. Explore the recipe of this unusual taste of white meat:

Coconut Fish Recipe

Recipe 7

Thai Fish Cutlets

thai fish cutlets

Let's include some fish from Thai cuisine. Thai fish kababs (cutlets) recipe offers a unique taste of fish. Have it with naan chapati or with just ketchup and chatni. Either choices would win your heart. See the recipe:

Thai Fish Cutlets Step by Step Recipe

Here are the top 7 fish recipes of the season. Fish start getting attention as winters come. There is a huge trend of enjoying seafood mainly fish and prawns in winter due to easy availability of fish. Fish meat tastes good, rich of nutrition and also fish help keep warm. Often we have the fish around but don't actually know how to cook it. In today's article we are telling you the 7 amazing fish recipes, in fact 7 easy ways to cook fish very tastefully.

Here you go.

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Fried Lahori Finger Fish is known for its spicy distinct taste It is light, crispy and crunchy from the outside while moist, tender, aromatic and jam-packed with flavours from the inside this recipe interesting this is easy to make it.

Nov 26, 2018 Inaya karachi

This was absolutely amazing!! We have been looking for a good recipe for frying fish. This was by far the best-fried fish we have ever had!! Looking forward for trying more recipes from here.

Sep 23, 2018 Hamna Lahore

fish is very tasty but i got angry sometimes when i eat fish at restaurant and it has no spice, no taste. Just fried tasteless. they should add some taste with it.

Dec 18, 2015 Kashif

very nice collection. thank you that's really awesome recipes . good collection for us

Dec 18, 2015 Nadia Baig

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