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Top 10 Traditional Foods of Pakistan

Today, we tell you about top recipes from all over Pakistan. You may be expert in cooking your local area foods but do you know which foods belong to your country and to which area. KFoods.com has made a little effort to highlight famous recipes from Pakistan. Let's explore the top 10 tastes of your country Pakistan.

Famous Foods from Sindh

1. Sindhi Biryani

sindi biryani

Let's first talk about the relish from Sindh Region. Sindhi biryani is a very tasty biryani which is famous all over Pakistan. Made with meat and rice, Sindhi biryani was originated from Sindh. It is considered as a famous Sindhi tradition. Sindhi biryani became so popular in Pakistan that it is a menu served to passengers in most of the PIA flights.

Get Sindhi Biryani Recipe in Urdu Here

2. Hyderabadi Mirchon Ka Salan

mirchi salan

Hyderabadi foods are famous for their unique spices. Try Hyderabadi Mirchon Ka Salan recipe which is another popular dish from Sindh province. Often, if you happen to join a wedding ceremony in Hyderabad, you may find this dish.

Here is the recipe

3. Karachi Falooda

karachi falooda

In general, Karachi has introduced lots of tastes which are famous all over Pakistan, however today we have selected Karachi Falooda recipes to feature in this article. Karachi falooda is a delicious after-dinner ice cream dessert. Try it, you would find it fabulous. 

Here is Easy Karachi Falooda Recipe

Famous Foods Recipes from Punjab

4. Lahori Chargha

lahori charga

Food streets of Lahore feature big number of foods that not only attract visitors from Pakistan but also visitors from outside Pakistan. Lahori charga is one of 

those foods. Even if you visit Tariq Road in Karachi, you would find a restaurant dedicatedly offering Lahori Charga. 

Wanna make it yourself at home?

Here is Recipe of Lahori Charga

5. Multani Sohan Halwa

multani halwa

Multan is known for best halwa throughout the country. Multani sohan halwa is known as one of the traditional Pakistani foods in world. If you go to Multan and did not try it's halwa, you made a loss. No worries. 

KFoods Tells You How to Make Multani Halwa Here.

Top Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Foods

6. Peshawari Chapli Kabab

chappal kabab

Chapli kabab is a traditional Peshawari food. Chapli kababs are available throughout Pakistan but the original taste belongs to Peshawar. Enjoy making Peshawari chapli kababs but while eating do not forget to place a bowl full of spicy raita, chopped tomatoes and onions and chatni along. That will give the real taste.

Recipe is here

7. Peshawari Namkeen Handi

namkeen handi

Another scrumptious taste from Peshawar KPK. Namkeen handi is made in Peshawar and delivers a totally different taste of handi dish. This namkeen handi is worth giving a try. 

Here is Peshawari Namkeen Handi Recipe by Chef Asad

8. Peshawari Ice Cream

peshawari icecream

Peshawari ice cream does not have a match as well. Peshawari Ice cream is the most famous ice cream in whole Pakistan and that is why it is often seen sold in Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi and other cities of Pakistan.

You too can enjoy it at home. 

See how

Famous Food from Balochistan

9. Balochi Tikka Boti

balochi tikka

Preparing meat the Balochi way is superb. If you are fond of enjoying barbecue, here we tell you about a very special tikka boti recipe known as Balochi Tikka Boti. It is usually made with mutton. Let's enjoy taste from Balochistan.

Recipe is Here

Food from Kashmir

10. Kashmiri Pulao


You must have heard Kashmiri Pulao but may not tasted it. Today KFoods has picked Kashmiri Pulao to feature the recipe from Kashmir region. This dish is very tasty and its additional ingredients make it a unique food way different from ordinary pulao recipes. Must make it today. 

Get Recipe Here

Are you a true desi food lover? Here we present famous recipes from Pakistan that are not only popular within the country but these foods are recognized internationally. The article Karachi Se Kashmir - Nagar Nagar Ke Khaane describes top recipes from all over Pakistan, famous foods from Sindh, Punjab, KPK, Balochistan and Kashmir. Foods selected for this article are famous for the city or province name where they introduced.

KFoods.com describes top 10 traditional foods of Pakistan with easy recipes of each food. Read on and see if any famous Paksitani food belongs to your city. Also leave your comments with the Pakistani dish that appeals you the most. Read and enjoy your national traditional food.

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