10 Reasons of Obesity (Motapay Ka Waja 10 Aadat)

Obesity has affected a large ratio of population in the world. People want to avoid it but can't and when they suffer with effects of obesity, they start looking for solutions. Reverting an over-grown tummy is not an easy deal. It requires lot of work, effort and determination.

Although, there are many reasons that cause obesity but we are here disclosing the top 10 habits that lead you to the increased and overgrown stomach. Some of these reasons include overeating, eating white bread, watching television extra ordinarily and also eating fast.

Read about all these habits and prevent yourself from becoming obese.

By Aqib Shehzad  |   In Health and Fitness  |   3 Comments   |   20989 Views   |   15 Jun 2020
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I'm writting an essay on "Motapa door e hazir ka sageen masla ha" plz help😇

  • Nasir Awan, Rawalpindi
  • Apr 28, 2020

hi plz tell me about weight gain im very worried about my weight plz how im gaining weight from fast period

  • farheen fatima, hyderabad
  • Mar 20, 2016

Please someone tell me how to reduce obesity because at this time I have got my stomach grown large and now I am only looking for ways to reduce it.

  • Abdul Rahman,
  • Mar 19, 2016

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