Top 5 Tips by Hakeem Shah Nazeer

1. Shah Nazir Herbalist Tips for White Hair

White hair in early age is a significant problem for overall look and personality. If you can find white hair in your head while seeing in the mirror, here is an effective tip for you.
Safaid Balon Ka Ilaj Hakeem Shah Nazir.

2. Weight Gain Tip

Weight gain is very important to health mainly for weak people. Stop striving with supplements and low quality products.
See what Hakeem Shah Nazir suggests for weight gain.

3. Remove Unwanted Hair (Ghair Zaroori Balon Se Nijat Shah Nazir)

Unwanted hair is a very common problem for girls. Unwanted hair grow above the lips, cheeks or on the chin. Removing them sometimes becomes a big deal.
See how to remove unwanted hair (tip by Hakeem Shah Nazir)

4. Back Pain Remedy

Back pain becomes a serious problem when it can't let you sit properly nor stand. There can be many reasons and treatments for it but we are telling you a very effective remedy by Hakeem Shah Nazir.
Back pain remedy by Hakeem Shah Nazir

5. Motapay Ka Ilaj (Obesity Treatment in Urdu by Shah Nazir)

Obesity (motapa) is a problem with many people in the world. Increased tummy not only creates lots of health problems but also makes us look awkward.
Find tip to find obesity (motapay ka ilaj) advised by Shah Nazir Sahb.
Read about Motapay Ka Ilaj by Hakeem Shah Nazeer is presenting here the top 5 herbal tips by Hakeem Shah Nazir!
Herbalist Shah Nazir is one of the leading Hakeem, herbalist and doctor in Pakistan. He has appeared in many television programs with his worthwhile tips and health advice. From hair and skin to weight and obesity problems, his tips are highly effective.

Here are 5 tips for most common health and beauty problems by Hakeem Shah Nazir.
View all tips by Hakeem Shah Nazeer here.

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