No Onion Recipes with Chicken, Mutton and Beef

Chicken Recipes without Onions

1. Chicken Karahi without Onion


2. Chicken Tikka Karahi


3. Chicken Handi without Onions


4. Chicken Rice Kabab without Onion


5. Chicken Makhani without Onions Recipe


6. Chicken Roast Recipe


7. Chicken Spaghetti


8. Dry Chicken Chilli


9. Dajaj Chicken Recipe


Mutton Recipes without Onion

10. Shinwari Mutton Karahi without Onions


11. Mutton Fried Chops


Beef Recipes without Onions

12. American Steak


13. Beef Fry without Onion


Vegetable Recipes without Onions

14. Kaddu Bhujia without Onions


These are 14 food recipes without onions; we have shared a mix of beef, mutton, vegetable and chicken recipes without onions. Next time, if you don't have onions, don't worry, go ahead with any of these recipes. Enoy.

Today I am sharing the top 14 food recipes without onions. If you are short of onions, or seeing a price-hike, not to worry now. We are telling you 14 recipes with no onions at all. These recipes include chicken, mutton, beef and vegetables. So whichever of these you are comfortable with, go ahead and cook.

You must enjoy these recipes!

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No Onion Recipes with Chicken,Mutton and Beef is yummy and it's looking much delicious and love the taste make it at home these recipes are amazing and enjoyed the taste and my family and everyone also like it.

  • Alishba, Lahore
  • Nov 15, 2018


  • Zahra , Karachi
  • Sep 16, 2017

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