Pakistani Dhaba Style Recipes

1. Dhabe Ki Chicken Karahi

You must be tired of eating same karahi again and again. So give dhaba chicken karahi and enjoy the exact dhaba taste at home. View Recipe of Dhaba Chicken Karahie and here is another desi chicken karahi recipe by KFoods.

2. Dhaba Style Mash Ki Daal

Dhaba style daal is simply awesome. If you have eaten it already, you knew how delicious it is. And if you have been missing it so far, try dhaba mash daal today.
Get the recipe

3. Dhaba Bhuna Gosht

Bhuna gosht is another superb food worthwhile to eat.
So give it a try today.
Find the recipe of dhaba bhuna gosht here

4. Dhaba Chicken Recipe in Urdu (Bhuna Chicken)

We like to present authentic Punjabi dhaba recipes and bhuna is the best one of these. Whenever we cook chicken, we are usually making same karahi, achar gosht or korma. Did you hear about bhuna chicken?
So tasty, so delicious, chicken bhuna is one of the most delicious Punjabi dhaba recipes. Cook it today and you would give us a Bravo! remark.
Dhaba Bhuna Chicken Recipe

5. Dhabay Ka Halwa

Let's try a sweet dish this time.
Like all dhaba style recipes, dhaba halwa gives you the same dhaba pleasure that is hard to forget.
Make it today. Here is the recipe

These were the top 5 Punjabi and Pakistani dhaba style recipes. Which one you already made and which of these you are going to make today?
Let's know :)

Looking for Pakistani dhaba recipes?
Let's find 5 most delicious dhaba style recipes from Pakistani and Punjabi style dhaba cooking.

Dhaba or Chapra Hotels is a famous term in Pakistan. It refers to the food restaurants found on motorways and on the ways from one to another city. These restaurants are actually made with huts and serve different kinds of desi dishes. These restaurants are popular for their tastes. Whether you eat a chicken karahi or a fry daal, you would find it simply awesome.

So here we come with the most delicious Pakistani and Punjabi dhaba food recipes.

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As dhaba style recipes are very trendy these days. I was looking for dhaba style karahi and found a variety of recipes here. All of them are worth trying. I tried dhaba karahi and it really gave the same result as we eat at dhaba.

  • Humera, Saadqabad
  • Sep 23, 2018

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