Top 5 Chinese Food Recipes

1. Chicken Manchurian

chicken manchurian recipe

Chinese dishes offer sweet and sour flavor which is a pleasant uniqueness of Chinese cuisine. Chicken manchurian is good choice to enjoy sweetness and spiciness together.
Chicken manchurian step by step recipe.

2. Egg Fried Rice

egg fried rice recipe

Egg fried rice is really delicious pick from Chinese cuisine. It is eaten in combination with chicken manchurian.
Get the recipe of egg fried rice

3. Chicken Corn Soup

chinese chicken corn soup

Chicken corn soup is pre-introduced!
No need to tell how popular it is. Every busy market in Pakistan has a chicken corn soup vendor.
See how to make Chinese chicken corn soup

4. Hot and Sour Soup

hot and sour soup recipe

Hot and sour soup comes with a different taste of soups which most Pakistanis are not aware of.
.Let's enjoy it.
Step by step Urdu recipe for hot and sour soup

5. Chinese Wontons

chinese wontons recipe

Wonton is a kind of samosa however it has a different shape and filling. You must have enjoyed it but now do it at home. Recipe for Chinese wontons

Explore the top 5 Chinese foods recipes in Pakistan!
Chinese dishes are very famous all around the world. In five star hotels, buffets, parties and at certain festive occasions, Chinese foods enhance the grace of the feast. Many Chinese restaurants in Pakistan offer lovable foods that are liked by Pakistanis across the country. Chicken manchurian, egg fried rice, chicken shashlik, chicken chow mein, chicken corn soup, hot and sour soup and wontons.
Yet there is a long list of Chinese foods to be eaten and enjoyed. . is telling you about the 5 most popular Chinese recipes.
If you like Chinese dishes, you would like the list of these 5 foods.

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Top 5 Chinese Food Recipes this is an amazing recipe with a awesome taste is loved by everyone and these easy I am very excited and enjoyed it a lot this recipe I also liked it a lot this recipe it myself is motivating me thanks

  • gulnaz, Karachi
  • Nov 15, 2018

Chinese is loved by everyone and these easy Chinese Food Recipes are very helpful in making also very tasty. I made wontons for the first time and they were very delicious. The recipe for Chicken Corn Soup was also very tasty.

  • shumaila, gilgit
  • Sep 16, 2018

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