Chicken Badami Korma Step By Step Recipe

how to make chicken korma
Add salt, crushed red pepper, turmeric powder, coriander powder, white cumin, clove, cinnamon, green cardamom, bay leaves and yogurt and make a mixture

chicken korma recipe in urdu
Add chicken in the mixture, marinate and store for half hour

chicken badami korma step by step
Heat oil in a pan and fry onions till they are golden brown and grind to powder

chicken korma banane ka tarika
Add garlic in the oil and roast

chicken korma recipe in urdu
When garlic is roasted getting brown color, add marinated chicken with it

how to make chicken badami qorma
As chicken gets tender, grind almonds and mix with chicken

chicken korma urdu recipe
Roast the chicken well, when liquid appears, add fried ground onions and mix

chicken almond korma
Add water and ground Nutmeg Mace and cook for 5 minutes

qorma banane ka tarika
When oil appears on the surface, turn the stove off

korma step by step recipe
Add Kewra and close the lid

qorma recipe preparation
Tasty Badam Qorma is ready to eat, Take out in dish and add almonds

Method for Preparing Chicken Badami Korma



  • Chicken: 1 Kg
  • Almonds: 1 Chatank (60 grams)
  • Salt: As per taste
  • Ground Red Pepper: 2 Table Spoons (As per taste)
  • Turmeric Powder: 1 Tea Spoon
  • Coriander Powder: 2 Table Spoons
  • White Cumin: 1 Tea Spoon
  • Cloves: 6 to 7
  • Cinnamon: 2 sticks
  • Black Peppercorns: 8 to 10
  • Green Cardamom: 4 to 5
  • Bay Leaves: 2
  • Yogurt: 250 grams
  • Nutmeg (Jaiphal): 1/2 Tea Spoon (Ground)
  • Mace: 1/2 Tea Spoon (Ground)
  • Oil: 1 Mug (As needed)
  • Kewra: 1/2 Tea Spoon
  • Onions: 250 grams
  • Water: As needed



  • Add salt, crushed red pepper, turmeric powder, coriander powder, white cumin, clove, cinnamon, green cardamom, bay leaves and yogurt and mix them all well.
  • Then add chicken in the mixture; marinate chicken with the mixture and store for 30 minutes aside, so that chicken is fully marinated with spices.
  • Add oil in a saucepan and heat for 2 to 3 minutes and then add onions and fry them till they are golden brown.
  • When onions are fried, take them out, remove oil and grind the onions.
  • Add garlic in oil and fry.
  • When garlic turns brown, add marinated chicken and let it cook.
  • Chicken will be tender within it's own water. When chicken is tender, grind almonds to powder and add to chicken. Then roast the chicken well.
  • When chicken is roasted and liquid appears, add ground fried onions and mix well and add two glass water. Also add ground nutmeg and mace and cook on high flame.
  • When it gets the boil lower the stove flame and let it cook for 5 minutes. When gravy is ready and liquid appears, turn the stove off.
  • Add Kewra and cover the pan.
  • A Tasty Chicken Badami Korma is ready to eat.

Almond or Chicken Badami Korma features the savors of almonds and delish of chicken alongwith other korma spices. Find here step by step recipe for chicken almond korma by and among all korma recipes, I bet you would rate this as the top one.

There are many types of Korma introduced in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh and still many kinds of Qorma are being introduced by different cuisines of Asia. Chicken korma is a variation of standard korma recipe with addition of almonds and use of chicken instead of beef.

Learn how to make abadami korma with chicken and enjoy this wonderful Pakistani recipe.

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Chicken Badami Korma Step By Step Recipe is very yummy and tasty dish This is the perfect way to make the chicken korma at home is a delicious food that you must enjoy in the lunch or dinner make it but now and love this & makes with the lots taste is very nice and delicious that makes it.

  • Sameera, Quetta
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Chicken badami korma step by step recipe is a miracle worker for enhancing my cooking skills! I am so glad that this recipe turned out good and thanks to the pictures, I am very proud of my skills.

  • Namerah Afrzal, larkana
  • Sep 14, 2018

korma is a delicious food that you must enjoy in the lunch or dinner. Many women do not know how to cook a perfect korma but if you make it at home, you would like to make it again and again.

  • Jamila, London
  • Apr 24, 2017

Looks very scrumptious and I will definitely try it. Let me arrange the ingredients and once I got all done, I will be trying it soon. I haven't found any recipe easier like this so I am thankful to you for so nice recipe.

  • Yusra, Karachi
  • Apr 13, 2017

Muo may pani agaya aur maza bhi ...

  • samina, gelsenkirchen
  • Apr 08, 2015

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