Charming Shoes for a Charming 2015 Eid

As Eid day comes closer, women, girls and kids start rushing towards the markets to find the latest Eid collection. There are lots of fashion products like dresses, shoes, bangles, earrings and so on but the most attention of the people is towards dresses and footwear. Every large fashion vendor releases its Eid variety and so, this time, markets are filled with Eid shoes collection 2015. If you make a visit to a fashion market in your city - Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Multan, and Hyderabad - you can see the latest Eid collection glittering in the shops shelves. offers latest Eid 2015 shoes variety from renowned shoes vendors in Pakistan. Let's put a glance. See and make your choices for Eid Shopping.

1. Stylo Shoes

Stylo is a big name in ladies fashion shoes. Stylo Shoes produces an extensive range of stylish ladies footwear. Here is the latest stylo Eid collection for 2015:

2. Farah Fatima Shoes

Farah Fatima is an emerging fashion brand dealing in casual fashion footwear for women. Let's have a look on Farah Fatima Eid Collection for 2015:

3. Metro Shoes

Metro is a leading fashion store with a focus on ladies shoes collection. Metro Shoes have released their Eid collection for 2015. Have a look on Metro Eid Shoes Collection:

Eid ul Fitr 2015 is just near at hand with all its joys and festivities. Eid shopping at this time is at peak. Men, women and kids, everyone is passionate to collect his favorite items from markets. Eid ladies shoes, dresses, accessories, every shop is replenished. Shopkeepers are busy in selling their Eid 2015 collection. At this point, when Eid is away just a day or two, it sometimes becomes very difficult to choose footwear designs to wear on Eid day. Mostly, people make up their mind to buy a certain design but that is not available in markets. Sometimes, there are too many good things that you get worry which one to choose. brings selected designs of ladies Eid footwear 2015 from big brands of Pakistan. Find the latest collection of Stylo Shoes, Metro Shoes and Farah Fatima Footwear. Choose a good design and make your Eid day!

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