5 Activities to Groom Yourself for Eid

Eid ul Fitr is a grand festive event and we meet lots of people, visit relatives' homes or enjoy different gatherings. It is a matter of personality, impact and impression that how we look to others. Often in busy routines of last days of Ramadan, we forget to groom ourselves for Eid day. We forget certain activities to perform or even if we do not forget, we can't perform personal grooming activities due to busy life routines. From looking for newest dresses designs to grooming up your body, there are many things you must never forget before Eid day arrives.

KFoods.com suggests 5 must do activities to prepare yourself for the Eid day (for girls). Let's have a look.

Activity No. 1 - Doing a Facial

doing a facial at home

On Eid day, when you meet your friends and cousins, show them a beautiful and shiny glowing face by doing a facial at home. Facial improves color complexion, improves blood circulation in face, freshens face skin and relieves tension.

Your face is your identity. While meeting with people, they would first look at your face and therefore a beautiful and fine-looking face is a primary requirement of Eid.

You can do a facial for yourself at home very easily. Don't know how to do a facial for yourself? No worries. KFoods will guide you about doing a facial at home.

Learn to do home facial:
Ghar Pe Apna Facial Khud Karen - Seekhne Ke Liye Links Pe Click Karen

Activity No. 2 - Pedicure and Manicure

Pedicure and Manicure Tips

After the face, your hands and feet are the most visible parts of your body. While talking to someone, often your hands gestures speak for you. People might suddenly put a look at your hands, fingers, nails or your feet toes. While you seek to impress others through and through, why to miss your hands and feet nails. Pedicure and manicure becomes an essential activity for girls in preparation for Eid. You might have got a pedicure and manicure service at a beauty parlor but today you would learn here how to perform it at home very easily.

Watch this video for a complete manicure pedicure learning by Dr. Bilquis

Pedicure Manicure Seekhne Ke Liye Dr. Bilquis Ki Video Dekhen

Activity No. 3 - Waxing

Waxing at Home

Waxing is the process of removing unwanted hair from root. Waxing is semi-permanent which means it removes hairs for usually 4 to 6 months however sometimes, hairs grow again at a fast frequency. Many girls suffer from unwanted hairs which impacts their beauty and overall personality. Unlike other girls, they have hairs on chin, below nose or below lower lips or on cheeks.

On Eid while you have to show off your face to almost all your cousins, uncles, aunties and friends, you must take it as an important activity to groom yourself for Eid day. You may not know how to do waxing yourself at home but here we would tell you a couple of ways for doing waxing yourself at home. Learn and do a proper waxing before Eid comes.

Learn Waxing on Following Links
Waxing Karna Seekhen

Activity No. 4 - Setting Your Hair Style

Styling Hairs for Eid

Hairstyles play a very important part in girls' beauty. Dull, dry and weak hairs never increase beauty but become a liability for one's personality. For the festive Eid day, you must set a new hairstyle and become a new "YOU" on Eid. Despite having long shiny hairs, if your hairs have no style, you are not going to make a change in your personality. Don't think you can't set a hairstyle yourself. KFoods.com presents some selected hairstyles with tutorials which you can easily set at home. All you need is a cute friendly sister :).

Get Beautiful Hairstyles for Eid (Dilkash Hairstyles Eid Ke Liye):
Here are 10 hairstyles for Eid 2015 with tutorials

Activity No. 5 - Applying Mehndi

Mehndi Designs for Eid

Mehndi is no doubt a beautiful tradition of oriental girls. Whether it is a wedding party in home or a chaand raat, applying mehandi is certain and definite. Beauty parlors keep introducing latest mehndi designs, for front hand, back hand, wrists and for feet. Girls keep looking for newest mehandi designs for Eid days. Somewhere in the family or in the town, there is must a gathering of girls for applying mehndi by an expert. Hence a festival in Pakistan is utterly incomplete for girls without mehndi.

Nit Nae Mehndi Ke Designs Ap Ki Eid Ki Tayari Ko Dobala Karden

So here is a big collection of awesome mehndi designs by KFoods.com.

Find different styles for your hands and feet and finalize your Eid preparation with a perfect mehndi design.

Enjoy a glittering and lustrous Eid with a perfect and groomed YOU!


The days before Eid are very busy. These are the last days of Ramadan ul Mubarak with the blessings of shab e qadar nights. Additionally, there are too many tasks for Eid preparations that we sometimes forget to do personal grooming activities for the day. KFoods.com reminds you how to prepare for Eid by suggesting you 5 must do activities you must perform in order to groom your personality. What are these activities, KFoods.com is telling inside.

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nice and beautiful. in me se 3 activities to pakki hain . baki 2 bhi try karen ge. kfoods ko bhi eid mubarak. from Hania

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