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Cloth Washing and Stain Removing Tips in Urdu

Get cloth washing tips in Urdu that actually work. is sharing stain removing tips from white and other clothes in Urdu language.

If your clothes get some stubborn stains, it can ruin the life of your favorite dress. There are times when washing clothes with detergents is not enough. You must take some extra-ordinary things to remove these stains.

KFoods is sharing some very useful tips which will help you remove strawberry, ball pen, lip stick, food, color and many other types of stains from your clothes.

Following is detailed information about how to remove colour stains from clothes in Urdu.

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Adverse Effects Of Plastic Bags And Newspaper

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Other Uses Of Soap (Sabun)

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Cheeni Kay Heran Kun Istemal

The things reside most in our kitchen include one foremost thing always which is sugar. There are many uses of sugar other than just part of a food. You would amaze to know how you can sugar in your life.

Following are sugar uses for beauty, lipstick, hair and for general use in life.

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Amazing Tips and Home Remedies for Elbow Dark Spots

You want to remove black elbow stains? Then you have come to exactly right page. is offering very useful dark elbow tips which you can apply at home with easy to get items. Dark elbow skin is a problem of everyone. You do nothing but your knees and elbows would come to become dark for no reason. Everyone of us must know about how to remove elbow stains in order to get rid of dead and dark skin on the elbow joint. offers some very easy and helpful tips for stains removal in Urdu.

Often women ignore elbows while doing makeup. Dark black spots spoil all the grace and beauty of arms. Read the tips brought to you by and learn how to remove elbow darkness at home very easily. These 6 easy tips would surely help you for the purpose.

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Makeup Ke Sath Sona

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Dye Hair Without Using Chemicals

Let's find some amazing ways to dye hair without chemicals at home.
In our life, there are times when our hair start changing its color. In order to dress up personality, we have to use hair dyes. It is now a fashion more than a necessity. Many boys and girls dye their hairs as per the lastest fashion.

Following are some ways to dye your hair without chemicals at home.

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Spider Bites Treatment (Home Remedy)

Seemingly spider looks like an ordinary insect. It usually does not bite and that's why people remain careless about it. But if it bites, it is very painful. Spider's bite creates swelling and infection in the body which should be immediately given a treatment. The first thing to do in that case is to rush to the hospital but in case you can't here are some useful home remedies. You must know what to do to treat a spider's bite at home. here tells you 3 home remedies for treatment of spider bite. The remedies use: Cabbage, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. See further how to use all these things.

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Scratch Removing Techniques with Foods

We are sharing some simple tips to remove scratches from various kinds of objects. We will tell you how to clean scratches from wood, stainless steel, furniture, glass, smartphones and car body. And all these tips use common foods which are almost available in our kitchen or refrigerator.

Carry one reading and after reading this article you would be a cleaning champ.

Following are the top 5 scratch removing tips and techniques in Urdu.

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7 Good Habits for Children

One of the core responsibilities of fostering your child is to teach them good habits. As children grow, they adopt the things and habits that were taught to them. There are lots of things to teach kids but there are 7 things that you must make them habitual of. These things would not only help develop their personality but also help them grow as a sensible and sane human being.

Whether your child is under the school age or goes to school, you can start telling them to follow best habits as described here by

Here is the list of 7 habits to tell your children.

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