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Scratch Removing Techniques with Foods

We are sharing some simple tips to remove scratches from various kinds of objects. We will tell you how to clean scratches from wood, stainless steel, furniture, glass, smartphones and car body. And all these tips use common foods which are almost available in our kitchen or refrigerator.

Carry one reading and after reading this article you would be a cleaning champ.

Following are the top 5 scratch removing tips and techniques in Urdu.

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Meetha Kharboozay Ki Pehchan Ka Tarika

There are two lucky people in this world: one who got mother's love and second who's got a sweet melon :). This is a famous saying we see people sharing on memes and on social media websites. This is a general problem people are often complaining about.

But you can buy sweet melon (meetha kharbooza).
Do you know how?

This article is all about identifying a sweet melon before buying it from a fruit seller.

Following are the tips to choose sweet melon fruit in Urdu.

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Tooth Decay Treatment with Eggshells

Daant Mein Keeda in Urdu Ilaj

Many of us face tooth decay problem in our life (Daant Mein Keeda in Urdu Treatment). Today we would tell you how to get rid of tooth worm with a very effective and helpful remedy. The main thing in the trick is eggshells. We have provided a complete method to make this eggshells tooth paste to remove decay from the teeth.

According to a health expert from Hungary has found that egg shells are a major source of calcium. According to his research, egg shells can be effectively used to remove teeth worm and cavities.

Here are the more details. (Dant Mein Keeda in Urdu Ilaj).

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Meethey Tarbooz ki Aasan Pehchan

Watermelons are available in all streets and market but it’s a big challenge to pick out sweet and juicy watermelon, because I know how disappointing it is to get home when they are not ready to eat or some are over ripen.
It is super fruit and gift of summer, it is not even full of nutrition also safes from dehydration. Now, sharing the best ways to find out a watermelon is sweet or not, especially the colour, rings, and size can tell you about the sweetness of the watermelon.

By Humayun In Tips and Totkay 1 Comments 23720 Views Wed 21 Jun, 2017

Tips to Identify Fake Plastic Rice

Today we would learn how to identify fake rice or plastic rice.

Nowadays, foods are polluted with adulteration to a very dangerous level. After a short interval, we get to see another story in our society, then another and it goes on. We got to know that in our markets, milk is being adulterated with bleach, dead chicken is being supplied to restaurants, then we saw the story of donkey meat supply. Now we are hearing about another big issue that is "plastic rice".

Initially, plastic rice also known as synthetic rice were being distributed in Vietnam and China. But now there are news about fake rice distributed in Pakistani markets. Recently, we watched a video in which a Pakistani man is showing how he cooked rice at home and they stuck together like plastic does after melting.

So here are the 5 tips how to identify synthetic rice.

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Garmi Bhagane Ke Liye 5 Behtereen Mashroobat

Months between May to August are very risky for human health. Humans quickly get ill during these months and therefore different kinds of seasonal diseases especially summer diseases are likely to affect our health. Here is a good news as well. The fruits, vegetables and other foods that come in summer only are very helpful in preventing the summer diseases. You can make different drinks with summer fruits and vegetables to stay fit and healthy during May and August.

Here are 5 best drinks for summer and its heat. These drinks are easy to make at home with basic ingredients that are also easily available. Let's learn more about these 5 drinks (mashroobat) for the summer.

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Dangers of Overcooked Food (Khana Ziada Pakanay Ke Nuqsanat)

Overcooked food is certainly going to harm your health. If food is not cooked completely, it will be bad in taste, unhealthy and hard-to-digest and on the other hand, if food is cooked excessively, it has its own hazards as well.

So how long should you cook a dish?

It's simple.

Cook foods completely, neither more nor less!

First of all, over cooked food is very dangerous and brings negative effects on your health. Some of the key hazards of eating extra-cooked foods are described here.

Secondly, you should know how long to cook a food, so has also explained the appropriate method of cooking.

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Plants That Repel Mosquitoes Naturally

Here I am going to reveal about 7 indoor plants and flower that repel mosquitoes from your home.
Doesn't it seem useful?

These days mosquitoes are causing severe kinds of health diseases such as Malaria, Chikungunya and Dengue. They inject viruses with their bites and hence cause different diseases to humans.

Wouldn't you like to protect your children and family from these severe risks to health?

Go green, go natural, bring these plants to repel mosquitoes and stay safe.

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Machro Kay Katny Se Khud Ko Mehfooz Rakhny Kay Tarikay

KFoods is sharing a beneficial tips & suggestions for Protecting yourself from mosquitoes and their dangerous bites because its very dangerous kind of animal, the following recommendations can help you avoid illnesses from mosquitoes bites such as malaria or dengue. Just follow the simple steps and save you family from harmful diseases.

By Naseema In Tips and Totkay 3 Comments 25280 Views Tue 28 Mar, 2017

Food Preservation Methods and Techniques is explaining methods for preserving foods at home by use of simple things that are available at home. Ignoring proper method of storing foods can lead to enormous loss as if any of the food weren't able to eat, you would have to discard it away.

Food preserving sometimes becomes very important especially when you have it in large stock. Vegetables, milk, flour, pickle, lentils and fruits, all can perish if not stored properly. And people usually do not know the tips and techniques to properly store these foods.

The common preservation methods include freezing, drying, smoking, canning, salting and boiling. We will discuss how to preserve certain foods particularly flour, pickle, coconut, masoor lentil, raisins, cheese, chilies and milk. Simple tips have been explained to store each of these foods and how to protect it from bacteria and other germs.

Read this insightful article and learn to store these staple foods for long lasting freshness.

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