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Ghar Ko Makriyon Se Kese Pak Krain

Get easy tips on how to keep spiders out of your room or from whole house (in Urdu).

If there are spiders in your home, you had often thought about getting rid of them. Mostly seeing them does not create a good experience. Generally, spiders head toward houses for seeking food or warmth whereas in summer days, open windows show them the path inside.

If you want to keep spiders away while sleeping or awaking, following are some useful tips.

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Dye Hair Without Using Chemicals

Let's find some amazing ways to dye hair without chemicals at home.
In our life, there are times when our hair start changing its color. In order to dress up personality, we have to use hair dyes. It is now a fashion more than a necessity. Many boys and girls dye their hairs as per the lastest fashion.

Following are some ways to dye your hair without chemicals at home.

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Demak Se Chutkara Pane Kay Liye

Deemak khatam karne ka tarika in Urdu.

Deemak or termite is an insect which lives in communal form. It eats wood that is why it is mostly found in plants and wooden objects. It wholly eats up the wood.

There are different types of termite in which the most common is wood termite. It is found in wood-made things like furniture items or tree stems. It makes it's den outside the home and then penetrates into the home through underground tunnels.

Here are some very easy and effective tips for termite (deemak ka ilaj in Urdu).

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Jism Par Ye Safaid Dhabe Kyun Hote Hain

You had often observed people who have white spots on skin. Did you ever note how and why does this happen? and how to prevent these spots?

White skin spots or vitiligo is a very distressing disease as it is obvious on your skin. In Urdu this disease is known as 'bars'. A general notion about this skin disease is that it is a reaction of drinking milk after eating fish however physical science rejects this notion.

Following we have discussed the actual reasons of white spots on skin (in Urdu).

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Galay Ki Kharash Ka Ilaj

Let's figure out how to treat sore throat (gale ki kharash ka ilaj in Urdu) and reduce your throat problems at home.

Sore throat or inflammation is a common disease which is likely to affect on weather change. Or if you take cold and hot foods together.

Some people are very sensitive and they start suffering with throat problems even with a little change in weather, increasing pollution and if they eat different foods together.

Following is a home remedy to treat sore throat at home (galay ki kharash ka ilaj).

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Natural Homemade Whitening Toothpastes

Find natural alternatives for toothpastes. We are discussing 5 methods of making homemade whitening toothpaste all with natural ingredients.

In this article we will tell you how to make natural toothpaste at home with baking soda, turmeric powder, charcoal powder, salt and coconut oil. These toothpaste alternatives can work great for whitening and cleansing your teeth.

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Jaldi Boorha Nahi Hona To Ye Adat Chor Dain (Anti Aging Tip)

Useful anti aging tips in Urdu for those who want to prevent early aging.

If you want to stay younger for long, then you have to avoid doing one thing.

You know what?

Carry reading on.

According to a newly conducted health research, it has been revealed that drinking water directly from bottle can lead you toward early agedness.

Read more about anti aging in Urdu.

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Janwar Ka Hazma Kharab Ho Jaye To

What if your qurbani animal suffers with digestion problem?

Here we are going to reveal some useful tips about how to heal digestion or stomach problem of your cow, goat or sheep.

These days everyone is having a qurbani animal at home. Whether it is cow, goat, sheep or camel, we all are very excited to fulfil the Sunnat e Ibrahimi.

But most of us never know what to if our animal gets ill of stomach?

So here are the tips about qurbani animal stomach problems in Urdu.

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Eid ul Adha Se Pehle Eid Ki Tayari

Eid ul Adha or Bakra Eid 2017 is just around the cornder. This Eid is also known as Bari Eid or Qurbani ki Eid as we Muslims sacrifice cattle in the way of ALLAH SWT in the memory of Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S).

This Eid comes with lots of responsibilities for us. We have to take care of animals, then facilitate and arrange sacrifice, arranging meat, making meat partitions etc.

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Eid ul Adha Tips for Meat

Here are some useful things you must consider before the Eid day comes.

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Cheeni Kay Heran Kun Istemal

The things reside most in our kitchen include one foremost thing always which is sugar. There are many uses of sugar other than just part of a food. You would amaze to know how you can sugar in your life.

Following are sugar uses for beauty, lipstick, hair and for general use in life.

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