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Bay Leaf (Tej Patta) Benefits

Bay leaf, more commonly known as tezpatta or tez paat, is usually used for its rich flavor. Bay leaf is used in Asian cuisine in its dried form. People are usually unaware of its health benefits and it just lies somewhere in the corner of your kitchen all dried up. Here are a few things that everyone needs to know about this herb. Adding it to your food and in your daily diet has no harm and instead too many benefits that don’t deserve to be ignored.

Some of the important tips from bay leaves are as follows:

1. Stress reliever:
Bay leaf has a smooth cooling effect. Sometimes it is used to relief stress and makes breathing better. What you have to do is just burn a bay leaf in a pot and place it in your room. Close the windows and doors and let the smoke of the bay leaf reach around the room. You can now sleep in this room. You will feel a soothing effect in your body. Take deep breathes for more comfort. It is very nourishing for the asthma patients especially in winters.

2. Hair fall reducing agent:
Bay leaf has some nutrients which can reduce hair fall and also eliminate the dandruff from hairs in winters. What you have to do is just boil bay leaf in 2 cups of water. When the water changes its color, remove from heat. Let it cool. Wash your hairs with any shampoo and rinse your hair properly. After rinsing from normal water, rinse your hairs again with this bay leaf water. Repeat this process for 7 days and you will see the difference. The hairs will stop falling.

3. For constipation:
Bay leaf increases the appetite and helps with digestion. It ensures proper bowel movements by breaking the food into smaller molecules with the help of the enzymes present in it. Boil 2 tez paat in water and strain it. Add honey for taste and drink it twice daily.

4. Insect repellent:
Tez paat or tez patta contains lauric acid. This acid repels the insects. Bay leaves when applied topically in the form of a paste over an insect bite can relive the burning sensation and pain. Also a burning bay leaf acts as a coil for getting rid of mosquitoes. Burn a bay leaf and place it where there are so many mosquitoes. The mosquitoes will run away rapidly from the place.

5. For stammering:
This can be embarrassing when in a special occasion or when you are among new people. Sucking on tez paat one after the other can cure this. It will certainly bring a change in your life.

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Piyaz Ke Khane Ke Ilawa Istamalat

Onion is one of the most common vegetables. It is widely used in cooking, in fact in all kinds of meals. However, let me tell you that there are many other uses of onion, which are not known by many people. For some purposes, it has miraculous effects. Some of interesting benefits of onion are safety from mosquitoes, pain relief from bug bites, sore throat and skin burn pain relief. It also helps remove thorn from skin.

In short, onion can used for skin, for hair growth, for insect bite, for pain relief in different conditions and so on. Know more in detail in this article.

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20 Surprising Benefits of Camphor (Kafoor)

Benefits of camphor are mentioned here to help you. Benefits of camphor article are here to help you to treat and cure your diseases. Benefits of camphor will help you to reduce your problems and prevent you from many diseases. By reading this article of Benefits of camphor, you will come to know about the 20 surprising benefits Benefits of camphor in winters. These Benefits of camphor are very beneficial and helpful for every age group. You can follow these Benefits of camphor to maintain a good health.

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6 Homemade Air Fresheners

Homemade air freshener is mentioned here to help you. Homemade air freshener article is here to help you to make your room fresh and fragrant easily by homemade air freshener. Homemade air freshener will help you to reduce your problems and prevent you from many skin problems. By reading this article of homemade air freshener, you will come to know about the ways to make homemade air freshener in winters. These ways to make homemade air freshener are very beneficial and helpful for every age group. You can follow these ways to make homemade air freshener to maintain a good household.

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How to Wash Towels Properly? 12 Useful Tips

Many women seem asking how to wash my towels?

Actually, the question arises because towel get doubled in its weight after being washed. Removing water from wet towel is even more difficult. If it didn't wash properly and dust remains inside, it will stink after drying. And women who experience washing towels should know it better. is sharing some useful tips for washing towels properly, to remove utter dirt from it and prevent it from stinking afterwards. Read and follow the tips given; these tips will also help you keep them soft after washing.

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Pet Ki Charbi Pighlane Ke Liye Ek Khas Cheez

Proteins are good for losing weight. Many people do not know that protein in foods also help lose fats in our body. Protein is an important food element for our body. It's general use is known as to strengthen bones and teeth in kids however it is very good for burning fats as well. A proper protein diet can significantly help for weight loss.

If you are at dieting, never leave your breakfast. Instead you can eat an apple and a boiled egg. Both of these items fulfil the calorie requirement of the body and we don't need to eat any other food by afternoon. Read following for more about this in Urdu.

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Beauty Benefits of Nutmeg (jaiphal)

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How To Prevent Food Waste

Prevent food waste is a dire need of today’s world. Prevent food waste must be made a habit by everyone. Prevent food waste by many easy ways. Prevent food waste feels like a daily victory and all of us should try to prevent food waste to a great extent.
The food we waste can be used by some poor people if we do not waste it so prevent food waste will help the poor people. We should prevent food waste by giving the food to the people who do not have enough for them. Prevent food waste because it is forbidden also by God. Prevent food waste so that the leftover food can be used tomorrow. The article shows some best ways to prevent food waste. Hope you like it.

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How to Get Rid of Ants in House - 5 Home Remedies

Discover 5 simple ways to eliminate ants in your house with basic household items. Ants usually infiltrate houses in rainy season. Their presence in bedroom or kitchen is always annoying and agonizing. is telling here some 5 really effective home remedies for to get rid of ants naturally with products such as cucumber peel, cinnamon and peppermint. Whether the annoying ants are small, carpenter or pavement ants, these remedies would help you to wipe their presence out of your home.

Handling ants and insects problem becomes a frustrating chore. Most of the anti-ants products are made with chemicals that are also hazardous for humans and for the atmosphere. Kill ants with these simple tips given here and live happy life.

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Tanbe Ke Bartan Se Pani Pine Ke Faide

Hopefully, you have seen an old set of copper jugs and tumblers stored in cupboard of any of your grandparents. In old days, people mostly used to drink water in copper pots. They knew the benefits of copper pot water but unfortunately today's generation does not.

Today, we will tell you some very useful benefits of copper pots. If you find a couple of copper drinking glass or jug in a corner of your home, grab it and start using it for drinking water. And after reading the advantages told below, you will surely do.

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