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Interesting Household Uses of Talcum Powder

Do you know about the other uses of talcum powder?

Usually talcum powder is used on kids to keep them fresh and fragrant but do you know that this exactly talcum powder can resolve many big problems.

Yes, it can!

Talcum powder has many interesting characteristics which majority of the people is still unknown of.

In today's article, we are sharing some amazing uses of talcum powder for hair, cleaning, itching, makeup and sand removal.

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10 Unique Tips of Vaseline (Vaseline Ke 10 Karishme)

Vaseline is good for lips. Right! You know there are many other ways to use vaseline which you never expected of it. Vaseline can perform many of your chores for which you seek various kinds of products that even sometimes you go out to buy. is telling here about top 10 vaseline tricks which will make your life very very easy. See how you can use vaseline for beauty, cleaning, and different kinds of basic household tasks. Know and also share it with others.

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Jism Par Ye Safaid Dhabe Kyun Hote Hain

You had often observed people who have white spots on skin. Did you ever note how and why does this happen? and how to prevent these spots?

White skin spots or vitiligo is a very distressing disease as it is obvious on your skin. In Urdu this disease is known as 'bars'. A general notion about this skin disease is that it is a reaction of drinking milk after eating fish however physical science rejects this notion.

Following we have discussed the actual reasons of white spots on skin (in Urdu).

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Apna Herbal Cleaner Khud Banai Or Ghar Chamkain

Apna Herbal Cleaner Khud Banai Or Ghar Chamkain - Apna Herbal Cleaner Khud Banai Or Ghar Chamkain - We usually buy different kind of expensive home cleaners that’s usually not work as better as it should. However it is also quite difficult to choose the best one among the large number of home cleaners. Now you no need to waste your time and money because here we are guide to you that how to make a best homemade cleaner at home in a very economical price. So read this article and also share it with your friends.

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Beauty Soap Ghar Pe Banana

How to make beauty soap at home? Find answer in Urdu in this article. is offering here a beauty soap making tutorial in Urdu which guides you through the steps required to make a natural soap for beauty yourself. In general, our way of life is to find ease but if we consider saving money with just doing little things ourselves, we can save lot of money as well as get organic things for our everyday use. You can make a soap yourself which I can say with full belief, you have always bought it from the market. There are many soap making recipes however KFoods picked the easiest and the most effective for you.

Just learn to make organic soap in easy Urdu and use this recipe always whenever you need to make it again in future.

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How to Get Rid of Bed Bug Bites - 5 Simple Tips

How to treat bed bug bites? The story behind this question is painful. Bed bugs have spoilt sweet dreams of many. They live on your blood. Having bugs in the bed is not something just happened to you alone. It is a common worry of people everywhere in the world. Bed-bug bites are almost similar to bites of other insects. They leave 3 to 5 spots in a row, usually on face, hands and arms.

In this article, you will learn what to do if bitten by bed bugs; you can cure them yourself at home with 5 easy tips with simple household products.

Let's find what are those remedies.

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Amazing Tips and Home Remedies for Elbow Dark Spots

You want to remove black elbow stains? Then you have come to exactly right page. is offering very useful dark elbow tips which you can apply at home with easy to get items. Dark elbow skin is a problem of everyone. You do nothing but your knees and elbows would come to become dark for no reason. Everyone of us must know about how to remove elbow stains in order to get rid of dead and dark skin on the elbow joint. offers some very easy and helpful tips for stains removal in Urdu.

Often women ignore elbows while doing makeup. Dark black spots spoil all the grace and beauty of arms. Read the tips brought to you by and learn how to remove elbow darkness at home very easily. These 6 easy tips would surely help you for the purpose.

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Salt Uses Other Than Food

Uses of salt are not limited to food. It is one of the most used things in the world. Every food is tasteless without the salt. Do you know salt has many uses other than seasoning. Knowing those reasons, you can make your life easier.

Here are some benefits of salt that many of you might not aware about.

Salt Uses Other Than Foods in Urdu

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Smell in Breathing - Reason and Tips

Who would like the smell in breath?
It spoils the whole personality impression but why this smell comes? what is the reason of coming this smell?

Basically, all foods are converted into pieces in our mouth. If we eat foods with sharp smell such as garlic or onion, then even tooth paste or mouth wash can hardly remove this smell. It remains until the food does not pass through the body.

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Ghar Ko Makriyon Se Kese Pak Krain

Get easy tips on how to keep spiders out of your room or from whole house (in Urdu).

If there are spiders in your home, you had often thought about getting rid of them. Mostly seeing them does not create a good experience. Generally, spiders head toward houses for seeking food or warmth whereas in summer days, open windows show them the path inside.

If you want to keep spiders away while sleeping or awaking, following are some useful tips.

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