5 Benefits of Orange Juice for Your Health

Orange juice is full of benefits for the body. It produces new blood, activates mind, maintains blood pressure, reduces cholesterols and what not. It is one of the major sources of vitamin C. One glass of oranges juice provides the whole-day vitamin C requirement. It is cholesterol-free and low in fats. It is rich of certain essential minerals for the body. It has many rich benefits for the skin as well. Drinking fresh juice of oranges is recommended for many kinds of problems. In the season, not only you must eat oranges but also drink its juice.

Following are the top 5 benefits of orange juice you must know about.

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1. Lowers Bad Cholesterol:

cholesterol reduction with orange juice

Drinking orange juice lowers the amount of bad cholesterol in the body. It significantly decreases the LDL (low density lipoprotein) cholesterol, which is known as bad cholesterol as well. It is a major cause of most heart diseases and cardiovascular problems. Drink orange juice everyday and reduce bad cholesterol levels of your body.

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2. Provides a Healthy Shiny Glowing Skin:

glowing skin with orange juice

Orange juice can bring the delightful liveliness to your skin. A glowing vibe in skin that everyone dreams of. Drinking orange juice in season keep skin hydrated, moisturized and safe from wrinkles. The juice keeps the skin pores tight preventing roughness, wrinkles and damaging signs. It provides skin with essential nutrition saving it from various skin problems.

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3. Balances Blood Pressure

blood pressure orange juice

Orange juice includes hesperidin within, a water soluble pigment which plays a crucial role in balancing blood pressure in the body. It also reduces the risks of cardiovascular diseases. Drink a glass of orange juice everyday and let it balance your blood pressure.orange juice ke fayde

4. Major Source of Vitamin C

vitamin c source orange

Vitamin C is one of the essential nutrients needed by our body. It saves our body from aging before time, helps absorption of calcium and vitamins and also keeps skin healthy and firm. Orange juice is naturally a source of vitamin C. Drink 1 - 2 glasses of orange juices daily, this will fulfill requirement of vitamin C in your body to large extent. Especially, it is very helpful in winter when our skin needs more nutrients and vitamins.

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5. Reduces Inflammation in Body

inflammation orange juice

When you eat high fat foods, it can cause inflammatory reaction in the body. Further it can cause insulin resistance (type II diabetes) as well as antherosclerosis (hardening of blood vessels). Oranges juice reduces inflammation caused by fatty and high-glucose foods and ultimately saves from many serious diseases.

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    Perfect! This is even the time for oranges.

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    yes, orange juice is good for vitamin c . i will try to drink it regularly everyday.