Besan Halwa Recipe with Milk

بیسن کا حلوہ

Besan ka halwa recipe is a tasteful tradition of Pakistani sweets.

Today we will learn how to prepare besan halwa with milk with an easy step by step recipe in Urdu. Each step is described well with image. It's recipe can't be any easier.

Besan or gram flour is a type of flour used not only to make sweets but also different kinds of spicy snacks. Besan is used in pakore, roti, parathe, cheela, ladoo, barfi and kheer as well.

Preparing besan or gram flour halwa is simple and easy. Ingredients you need are besan, sugar, ghee, green cardamom, milk and almonds. With a simple procedure, you can enjoy a pleasant sweet dessert at home.

So if your mood is on, head to your kitchen and start making a delicious halwa. Try hot for better taste.

Standard recipe for besan halwa

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baisan halwa
baisan halwa recipe
Heat oil in frying pan. Add cardamoms and heat until it crackles.

how to make besan halwa
Add gram flour; roast well.

besan halwa step by step recipe
Once gram flour releases aroma, add sugar and mix well.

besan halwa recipe
Add milk slowly and keep moving spoon.

how to make besan halwa in urdu
Once roasted well, and halwa becomes unstuck, remove from the stove.

besan ka halwa
Grease halwa pot with oil.

besan ka halwa urdu recipe
Add halwa and spread across the pan.

baisan ka halwa
Add almonds and walnuts.

method for making gram flour halwa
Make cuts on halwa with knife.

gram flour halwa recipe
Dish out and serve when cool.

besan ka halwa banane ki tarkeeb

How to Make Gram Flour Halwa


  • Gram Flour: 1 cup
  • Sugar: 1 cup
  • Ghee: 1/2 cup
  • Green Cardamom: 2-3 pcs
  • Milk: 1 cup
  • Almonds & Pistachios: as you like



  1. Heat oil in a wok or frying pan, add green cardamom pods once ghee becomes heated.
  2. As cardamom starts crackling, add gram flour and roast well.
  3. Once roasted well and gram flour leaves aroma, add sugar and mix well.
    After mixing, add milk gradually and keep moving spoon.
  4. Once gram flour and milk are blended together, and becomes unstuck to the pan, roast well.
  5. Once oil starts floating, remove from stove, and place in a tray.
  6. Now take a pot for halwa, grease it with oil and spread halwa across the pan.
  7. Garnish with pistachio and almonds.
  8. Cut into pieces so that after it is cooled, you could easily remove them and eat.
  9. Tasty gram flour halwa recipe is ready to serve. Enjoy with family or serve to guests.


What is Besan Halwa:

Besan halwa is a nice dessert with beautiful appealing aroma. Besan or Gram flour halwa is a festive sweet of Pakistan and India. Cooked tradionally on Shabe Barat and Quran Khwani, besan ka halwa is cooked all across Pakistan. In India, it is prepared on various religious and festive occasions.

The best thing about gram flour halwa is that it requires least number of ingredients that are besan (gram flour), sugar, milk and ghee. Additionally you can add cardamom and pistachio/almonds for added delight. While making besan halwa, continously coming flavory aroma kept me restless toward the delish of tasteful besan halwa. And this will be the case with you as well.

Ghee, pistachios, almonds, cardamoms and gram flour, as all these combine into this sweetmeat, we get the most delicious halwa to enjoy. I have though explained besan ka halwa recipe with step by step instructions, find it in brief words below:

How to Cook Besan Halwa Recipe

In order to make besan ka halwa, first ghee is heated in wok, then cardamom pods are added and heated until crackled. Next step is to add and roast gram flour. Once gram flour releases aroma, sugar is added and mixed thoroughly. Milk is then added gradually, while continuously stirring. Once gram flour and milk are merged and gram flour begins repelling the pan, you need to roast it well. Once oil appears, remove in a greased platter and cool until solidified. Then sprinkle garnishing items like pistachio, almonds and walnuts and cut into thin pieces.
That's all and you're ready to go.

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  • Shifa - Lahore Apr 22, 2017

    You literally have completed it in the beat ever way to make besan ka halwa. It so much tasty and delicious that my mama appreciated me a lot for making it.

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    besan halwa is my favorite because of its beautiful aroma and i like to eat it as an evening snack as well as on shab e barat. I found your recipe is very good and it's pictures make the recipe even easier.

  • Faria - Karachi Mar 30, 2017

    it is not only delicious but it seems it is very easy to make. Besan or gram flour halwa is what i make once in an year. I like to cook halwas myself because these sweets are very tasteful and belong to Pakistani traditions.

  • Sameena Iqbal - Hyderabad Mar 28, 2017

    Halwa is the best sweet ever and besan halwa is even tastier. I have made many kinds of halwa recipes but I liked only 2 of them which are besan halwa and chane ki daal ka halwa. That's why I always try to make these 2 halwa whenever i am free.

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    Thanks for this besan halwa step by step recipe. This is the best halwa of all time and also easy to make. Chana dal halwa and makhandi ka halwa are also my favorites. I will try it on coming sunday.

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    it is nice and easy to make . I have seen it before when my elder sister made it. Taste was good but it was looking different with yours in the picture. Are there some variations in this halwa recipe?

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    I like the night of shab e barat, it is very purnoor night, we make wudhu, we make halwas , offer nafil prayers and it is very calming to the soul. My mom makes different halwa like besan halwa, and badam ka halwa.

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    gram flour halwa is nice especially it appeals a lot when it releases aroma. we keep making it frequently in desi ghee in a karahi. It's simply amazing . I was checking your recipe and found a couple of things that we didn't use while making it. So I am going to make it with your recipe very soon and if you like it , I can send to you as well :) . Offer for short time :)

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  • Rukhsana - Karachi Jan 16, 2017

    gram flour dessert is awesome and everyone can make it very easily. Whenever it is rainy season in Karachi, we make gram flour pakore and for that we keep besan every time at home. Then we make it's halwa as well.

  • Nimra Khan - Aug 30, 2016

    Besan ka halwa is like a special dish of our home. Since I grew my elder sisters and mother have been cooking this halwa at different occasions. Sometimes in the rainy weather, sometimes at Qur'an khwani and sometimes without any reason. I love it.

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