Besan Ka Halwa Recipe

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To Prep
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Gram Flour: 1 cup
Cooking Oil: 1 cup
Sugar: 1 cup
Eggs: 3 no.
Milk: 1-1/2 cups
Cardamoms: 4 pcs
Nuts: 1/2 cup

How to make Besan Ka Halwa


Mix eggs, milk and sugar and blend until it becomes frothy.
Heat oil in a wok and add cardamoms.
Add gram flour after a while and fry on low flame.
Keep stirring spoon to avoid the lumps.
Once it begins releasing aroma, pour the blended mixture slowly while keep stirring.
Once gram flour tends to leave gram flour, add nuts, mix and turn the stove off.
Delicious besan halwa is ready.

Enjoy hot aromatic gram flour halwa.

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Besan ka halwa recipe is one of the easiest recipes to make when it comes to Pakistani desserts. It requires only a few main ingredients which are besan, sugar, egg, and milk, whereas cardamom and nuts are added for taste and garnishing. All these ingredients are always there in the kitchen so making this halwa has is going to be cost-effective and easy to make for you.
Besan can be used to make various kinds of sweet desserts and snacks. If you have got a mood to try besan desserts then you can use it to make dozens of recipes like besan ki barfi, besan ka ladoo, besan ke dahi baray and besan dhokla.
Pakistani Besan ka halwa recipe supplies us with an amazing evening snack. Be it Shab-e-Barat, iftar time or an ordinary evening; enjoy the delicious besan halwa recipe with your children, parents, and spouse with masala chai. is sharing an easy and authentic recipe for preparing besan ka halwa recipe in English, however for Urdu readers, you can also switch the recipe to view besan ka halwa recipe in Urdu. View the recipe no matter where you are and enjoy the halwa.

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Reviews & Comments (116)

Laila - Karachi Dec 30, 2018
It takes a lot of endurance to make Besan ka halwa but it is so delicate and tasty that we ignore the hard work it takes, and still make it for the family.
Beena - Lahore Oct 19, 2018
This was an easy recipe for besan ka halwa, I enjoyed making it for my people. Just increased the amount of desiccated coconut because I love the flavor of coconut.
Tahami - Khanewal Sep 26, 2018
Thanks for your recipe. I had tried this at my home and really that is very tasty and my family member feels happy to eat Halwa. This would be going to my dessert on coming Eid. I’ll be making it in the more solid form.
Andeleep - islamabad Sep 11, 2018
Besan is just a convenient product that it has so many uses! I had nothing at home to make for the guests I quickly looked for recipes and I found this. I was surprised with how besan can be made into besan ka halwa.
Bilawal - lahore Aug 30, 2018
When it comes to making halwa, besan ka halwa is the most delicious recipe that I think I have found on this website. Kfoods never fails to impress me with the variety of different recipes. This besan ka halwa recipe is just the thing that I was looking for!


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Besan ka halwa (Gram flour halwa) recipe is made with enriched almonds, raisins, cashew nuts and a generous supply of pure desi ghee. Besan ka halwa recipe can be made using simple ingredients that can be easily found in the houses of Pakistan, such as milk, besan, and sugar. To people who don’t like adding milk to their dessert, they can also add water when making this delicious delicacy. Besan halwa (Gram Flour Halwa) is a superb sweet recipe that you can cook at the leisure of your home. It is also very easy to cook, requires simple ingredients like gram flour (besan), sugar and milk and takes little time for preparing. Besan ka halwa recipe can be best enjoyed with friends, family, and relatives. Besan ka halwa recipe is a rich, nutritional and sweet textured dessert that originated from Punjab and is a traditional favorite. Besan ka halwa recipe is usually eaten during celebrations, praying times and even for curing a sore throat.

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