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Get useful tips for health in Urdu at
Your healthy lifestyle hi

Get useful tips for health in Urdu at
Your healthy lifestyle highly depends upon your overall health. Diseases and maladies directly affect a person's steadiness. offers lots of useful health tips from well known health experts of Pakistan including Shah Nazeer, Hakeem Agha, Dr. Bilquees and others. Your health must be your first and foremost priority.

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Good health is the driving force which gets yo going everywhere, keeps you energetic and fresh all the time. Healthy mind and body boosts up your morale to work more efficiently and effectively. Stay updated with useful health tips at and keep yourself in the fine fettle.

Find exclusive health tips for men, women, children and elders. offers helpful body fitness tips in Urdu, pregnancy tips and totkay for living a healthy life.

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How To Clean Silver At Home
Nadia Oct 25, 2018
I cleaned my very old silver ring with this easy home remedy and it really worked. My ring came out perfect and shining like new. Thank you for sharing such easy and useful tips.
Amrood se Sugar Ka Ilaj
Khursheed Oct 23, 2018
Amrood se sugar ka ilaaj is a very easy totka. Thank you for sharing this as guava leaves are easily available in the winter season. This totka is very easy to make. I hope i will get rid of diabetes.
Dad Chambal (Psoriasis) Ka Ilaj
Javeria Oct 22, 2018
I had an impression that psoriasis has no treatment. Will surely try this. So easy and will be a relief from liufe long suffering.

The Health Videos and content information are provided on this site for informational purposes only and is not intend to any Medical Advice, Counseling, Diagnosis or Treatment. Please contact to your health advisor for any your health concern.


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