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بٹیر یخنی Batair Yakhni

بٹیر یخنی Chef:Chef Gulzar

Mutton Yakhni Mutton Yakhni

Chef:Chef Rida Aftab

بیف پاستا سوپ Beef Pasta Soup

بیف پاستا سوپ Chef:Chef Shai

Mutton Soup Mutton Soup

Chef:Chef Fauzia

Meat Soup Recipes Reviews

Mutton Soup
Hizaqat - Sialkot Mar 09, 2017
This mutton soup can be made easily and if anyone needs some tips for making soup recipes, i can help , whats app me if you need any help for making these or any other recipes.
Mutton Yakhni with Curd
Irfana - Nawabshah Mar 08, 2017
We all prepared mutton yakhni with curd recipe last weekend and enjoyed it a lot. It was so delicious that i decided to repeat it again. this time, i would make it alone however i will keep making beef & mutton recipes regularly with my friends.
Beef Pasta Soup
Hamida - Karachi Feb 16, 2017
I am going on Pakistan trip and we have a stay at northern areas for around 15 days. considering Beef Pasta Soup for a wonderful time there. determining some soup recipes to choose for my trip as well

Get delicious recipes of mutton and beef soups brought to you by Whenever you buy meat, do not forget to make soups as it a good and healthy option to enjoy meat. Find amazing recipes for soups like yakhni, mutton and beef, bones and others by your favorite chefs of Pakistan.

Meat can be used in different ways and one best way is to prepare a delicious soup. It is filled with nutritional benefits too. Especially, there are many kinds of soup ideas for kids that you can make with different types of meats. You can also use bones for making a soup. Let's enjoy a hot bowl of your favorite soup.

Get more recipes of meat soups: beef stew soup, meat and vegetable soup, beef soup and mutton soup recipe.


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