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Mutton Paya
Mutton Paya
Beef Nehari
Beef Nehari
Peyazi Kabab
پیازی کباب

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Mutton Paya
Ramsha - Khanewal Aug 28, 2017
Definitely we will be making paya with mutton and cow trotters. We are doing both qurbani goat and cow and we shall Insha Allah distribute the most of the meat in the way of ALLAH SWT. With remaining meat, we shall make some dishes in home.
Mutton Paya
Hussain - Isb Mar 16, 2017
so finally I have found the easiest way to make mutton payas as I am supposed to make them in the lunch today as per my husband’s demand. I will let you about the taste later.
Peyazi Kabab
Mahnaz - Nawabshah Mar 01, 2017
One of the best iftar items is this Peyazi Kabab recipe. It's taste has no match. When my baba goes to buy grocery, I try and insist to buy its ingredients so that I can make it whenever I like throughout the month.


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