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Gujranwala restaurants are very much famous due to its tasteful cuisines. Numerous restaurants in Gujranwala offer a diversity of food. Chinese, continental, fast food and popular local dishes are offered at different eating places. The People from other cities and faraway places v isit to Gujranwala to enjoy trendy traditional foods like chanp, Chirray, tikka and kabab. The favorite and common food of Gujranwala is commonly called as Dal chaawal. KFoods has a top range of Gujranwala restaurants with their special dishes, special offers, hot deals, contact info …etc for all Gujranwala food lovers.

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Latest Reviews

Usmania Restaurant Gugranwala
Habeeba Oct 08, 2018

Above average environment and service, I really enjoyed my time with family.
KFC Gujranwala
Shahzad Gull Dec 06, 2017

KFC Gujranwala Closing time 01:00am but here off and close 12:30am, not take order that time and lame of excuse that kitchen is closed. I complaint to Manager Mr. Zohaib who met me at counter often but he did not care it. I face this problem many time there is no higher authority who take action about it.
KFC Gujranwala
Mansoor Chauchan Dec 06, 2017

I am your regular customer I like KFC Lahore, Sialkot and Jehlum but I have worst experience of your Gujranwala KFC branch, I complained about the lazy and low quality of food and order serving is too late, not proper cooked and as cold as it is old stock. I said the supplier that call your manager but he did not come than I went to Manager. When I complained the Manager Mr. Zohaib who said it’s no matter and he did not care about the complain properly. His showed rude behavior not only me but also his staff members. I felt insult. So, I informed you about a bitter experience. There is no expert Manager who deals the customers and satisfied them for the betterment of your farm. Mostly customers dis-heart and left KFC and join the Mcdonald and other types of fastfood. I hope you will take interest for the betterment of KFC
Pizza Hut Gujranwala
ARFAN Dec 04, 2017

Pizza Hut Gujranwala
Imran Aug 02, 2017

Dilivering pizza after 1hour its to late
Marian Hotel Gujranwala
Muhammad Qasim Sep 21, 2015

It's not what it's look like . They can cheat you with left over .
Usmania Restaurant Gugranwala
Awais Iqbal Abbasi Mar 17, 2015

Marian Hotel Gujranwala
muhammad sajeel Apr 21, 2014

Its a bad Restaurant
Pizza Hut Gujranwala
ateeq Oct 18, 2013

Really tasty pizza
Pizza Hut Gujranwala
Shazib Farooq Sep 03, 2013

your food is really so tasty and i am the fan of KFC foods.


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