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Pie Recipes in urdu is a baked dish which is usually made of a pastry dough casing that covers or completely contains a filling of various sweet or savoury ingredients and you may enjoy the delicious taste of easy chicken pie recipe in urdu, apple pie recipe in urdu, Dessert Recipes and many others it''s an american most popular dish. we carries wide range of easy chocolate pie Recipe with helpful cooking ideas. So lets try this scrumptious Pie recipes in urdu at your home and enjoy a remarkable dining experience.

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Now I am going to make Potato Pie recipe with the instructions you told here.pie recipes are easy to make yet very delicious. I once ate it and found it's taste unforgettable and today I got a chance to make it so I am just enjoying it.

  • Fadhila, Sukkur

The foods we eat everyday consist of normal roti salan and typical dishes however when I want a change, I try MIssissippi Mud Pie recipe and enjoy with my kids. I am quite interested in making lots of pie recipes and keep my children happy.

  • Imtithal, Lahore

Sometimes I like to make Mini Apple Strawberry Pie recipe for myself only but when others see, they start behaving like child and try to grab it. Then I have to make it again. :) :). Anyway, no matter, I don't take it serious. I keep cooking similar pie recipes for all family.

  • Humna, Karachi

I once joined a cooking class and the chef taught us Falsa Pie recipe but then I forgot it. Today, I recalled it and came here to search the exact recipe. Luckily i found many other pie recipes here.

  • Zeenat, Karachi

I was searching for American Pie step by step and landed here, however this is a good one too. I am 100% sure that it will render a good taste. Do you have more english recipes then tell me where they are.

  • Fadwa, Faisalabad

in all pie food recipe i like Fried Apple Pie recipes its really very much delicious taste of recipe.

  • mehwish, karachi