Spicy Chicken Salad

Spicy Chicken Salad is a famous Thai recipe eaten in almost the whole world. It involves boiling chicken and then frying it with different spices and then placing with different vegetables with chicken to serve. Spicy Thai chicken salad recipe is a perfect add on for a main course meal.

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Cucumber,2 cut into cubes
Onion 2, medium sized, cut into circles
Tomatoes 2
Salad leaves as required
Capsicum, 2 cut into cubes
Salt as required
Lemon juice 1 tbsp
Red chilli powder ¼ tsp
Olive oil 1 tbsp
Chicken chunk ½ kg
Soya sauce 2 tbsp
Black pepper powder as required
Worcestershire sauce 1 tbsp
Oil 2 tbsp
How to make Spicy Chicken Salad


* Boil chicken pieces.

* In a frying pan, add oil and then chicken pieces.

* Now add all sauces and black pepper, red chilli, salt lemon juice and fry for a while.

* Place salad leaves on a plate.

* Now add all the vegetable except onions and chicken chunk on top.

* Top them with onion circles and spinkle olive oil and serve

According to users ratings, Thai cuisine mostly ranks among top 5 cuisines of the world on the internet. This spicy chicken salad also belongs to Thai cuisine. KFoods.com guides you here how to make spicy chicken salad with detailed instructions and an easy method. You would find this recipe quite easy and simple and a tasty one as well. No other salad may taste this much tasteful like this one.

Initially, salad was just a stack of different vegetable chunks but by the time, new recipes and ideas were added to salad as well. Thai chefs have a great role in not only introducing new recipes but also in revamping the recipes that were being cooked monotonously for years. There is a big change the way a salad was made in its primitive years. Today, you can find hundreds of ways to make a salad in different cuisines of the world including Thai cuisine.

Find an easy way of cooking chicken salad brought to you by KFoods.com above. Enjoy a healthy tasty salad with your meals.

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Have to find this Spicy Chicken Salad recipe and found it finally. Now I am looking here for more Salad Recipes so that I could enjoy all my favorite tastes. Ty for this.

  • Afeef, Karachi

I made it as side dish with rice. Everyone on the dinner was talking about the salad rather than focusing on the main dish. Everyone on the table liked the salad more the actual dish.

  • Kainat, Murad abad

this salad recipe looks very delicious but i wonder that i have seen all salads but not seen this one in any party. may be people do not know about this recipe. I may try it in an upcoming gathering.

  • Mrs. Dilawar, Karachi

chicken salads ki mazeed recipes bhi share kije . actually maine ek party ke liye banani hain main is liye dhund rahi hoon. ap mazzed bhi guide karen is hawale se . thank you

  • Bilquis Ansari, Karachi

looks a delicious food. if it tastes well, I will eat it without the meal. I like without loaf foods in meals. good recipe. keep sharing more . thanks

  • Maha, Hyderabad