Shish Kebab (Lamb Skewers)

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1 pound of Lamb Fillet or Lamb Leg (de-boned & cut into 1" cubes)
12 small Onions (optional)
1 tsp. of Salt
½ tsp. of Black Peppers (Kaali Mirch)
How to make Shish Kebab (Lamb Skewers)


1. Cut meat into one-inch cubes. Season with salt and pepper and let it marinate for 1 hour.

2. Spear on to skewers, allowing six pieces of meat per person. Alternate lean and fatty meat with onions. Broil under a very hot flame, or over charcoal until the outside is well browned and sizzling. If broiled in the oven, sprinkle a little olive oil over meat before broiling so that it will not dry out.
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