Quick Banana Treat Recipe

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Crushed Biscuit 1 cup


Strawberry Jelly 1 packet

Cream 1 packet

Bananas (slIced) 6

Dried Milk 1 cup

Yogurt (packet) 2 cup

Condensed Milk ½ tin

Gelatin Powder 1 tbsp

How to make Quick Banana Treat


First make the base of crushed biscuit in a dish.

Now take packed yogurt and add 1 cup dried milk and 1 tsp gelatin in dissolved water and beat it.

Add the remaining gelatin powder in 1 packet cream.

Also add 1 packet strawberry jelly and ½ tin condensed milk and beat it.

Now after making biscuit layer, add cream mixture.

Then add the yogurt mixture and add 6 banana slices on the top.

Then add the remaining mixture and garnish it with cream and freeze it for 2 hours. Delicious quick banana treat is ready.

Chef Rida Aftab Posted By: Humera, Lahore

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The best dessert is none other than a Quick banana treat. The best choice for an afternoon snack or after dinner dessert in summer is a Quick banana treat. Quick banana treat is the most famous of all the desserts. Quick banana treat is very fluffy, you can add more cream to blend the taste very well. Quick banana treat tastes heaven when served chilled properly.
Quick banana treat is a very easy and quick dessert recipe. No physical endurance is needed to make these amazing desserts. The quick banana treat can be served at any event. You can also make it quickly if your guests are just at the doorstep.
In winters, everyone wants to have something which is quick and refreshing, the quick banana treat is best for that time. Quick banana treat is full of nutrients and also a very healthy dessert. Quick banana treat is a treat for all the banana lovers. Quick banana treat is an elegant dessert and the best to serve at any event. You can also garnish this dessert with biscuits of your choice. Hope you like this simple recipe for the Quick banana treat.


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