Mexican Fajita with Salsa Recipe

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2 Chicken breast fillet slIced thinly l
Pitta Bread 4 or preferably Mexican Tortillas [available in supermarkets
Red,Green pepper one each slIced.
Onion one slIced lengthwise.
Olive Oil 2 tablespoons [ other Oils can be used]
1 Teaspoon ground cumin powder
1 tablespoon smoked paprika.Smoke it on a tawa for a few seconds if you cannot get it.
Cheddar cheese one cup grated
Yoghurt 1 cup beaten
Salt to taste
Black pepper powder 1 Teaspoon
2 tablespoons Lemon juIce

For salsa:
Tomatoes dIced 1 cup
Red chillies 4 fresh deseeded and chopped
1 cup Lemon juIce
Olive Oil 1 tablespoon
Salt to taste
Black pepper 1Teaspoon
Coriander chopped 1 cup

Guacamole sauce available in supermarkets[optional]

How to make Mexican Fajita with Salsa


Take a saucepan and place on high flame.
Add chicken and stir fry.When a little fried add onions,peppers,cumin,paprika,salt and pepper,and sprinkle lemon juice when chicken is tender.Do not overcook more than 6-7 minutes.Remove when dry and keep aside.

Now take another bowl.Mix oil,tomatoes,coriander,red and green chillies,lemon juice,salt and pepper and mix.Salsa is ready.

Warm the tortillas or pitta bread on a tawa or microwave not more than a minute.
Place on a cooking kitchen stand on butter paper and add the fried mixture and wrap up.

Serve with grated cheese, yoghurt and salsa.

Posted By: Maria, Lahore

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Reviews & Comments (4)

Nazli - New York Feb 24, 2014
Very tasty.Good Good!!!
Aneela - Multan Feb 05, 2014
VERY GOOD RECIPE! I have been looking for good Mexican food recipes everywhere. I am so glad I found this! Tasted really good! It is a great snack. I also put these in the kids' lunch boxes! They loved it! And I loved these too! Preparation and cooking took about 15/20 minutes! Which is really quick! REALLY YUMMY!
Pervaiz Nawab - Islamabad Feb 04, 2014
bajee very nice .Very nice dish
Anita - Lahore Feb 04, 2014
Very easy and tasty.Wow good job done!!!

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This is a Mexican recipe and special in our house for a quick snack or hearty meal. With salsa by the side it becomes even tastier.


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