Lahori Chikar Cholay Recipe

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01-02 Hour
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• 1 kg Chick Peas (Safayd Chanay).
• 1 cup Red Pulse (Surkh Masoor Daal).
• 1 tbsp Red Chilies (Powder).
• 1 tbsp Salt (you can increase / decrease as per your taste).
• 2-3 liter Water.
• 2 Medium Sized Onions.
• 1 tsp Ginger Paste.
• 1 tsp Garlic Paste.
• 2 tsp Dry Fenugreek Leaves (Kasuri mathi).
• 4-5 Green Chilis.
• 2-3 tbsp Coriander Powder.
• 1 tsp Cumin Seeds.
• ½ tsp Baking soda.
• 15-20 Red Whole Chilies.
• 1 tsp All SpIce (Garam Masala).
• 5-6 tbsp Cooking Oil.

How to make Lahori Chikar Cholay


Soak the Chick Peas for overnight with soda and salt & Soak Red Pulse in water for half an hour. Drain out the water and put Chick Peas, Red Pulse in a cooking pot and add 2-3 liter Water.
Add Salt in the above mixture & cook for 2-3 hours. Now add in Baking Soda, Red Chilies & All Spice Powder in the semi cooked mixture. Now add dry Fenugreek Leaves, Ginger Paste, and Garlic Paste & stir the mixture firmly. Now Chicker Cholay is ready for tempering (Tarqa). Heat 5-6 tbsp Cooking Oil in a frying pan. Add sliced Onions. Add Cumin Seeds when the color of onions is Golden. Add Whole Red Chilies, All Spice, Dry Fenugreek Leaves and Green Chilies. Fry them lightly with sliced onions and then pour it all at once on the Chikar Cholay Mixture and cover with lid. Add Coriander leaves and Onion Rings for garnishing. CHIKAR CHOLAY is ready to serve.

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Let's try a delicious chikar cholay recipe at home and amaze all your family members with the same restaurant taste. Chikar refers to chicken and when we cook chicken and cholay combined, it is called chikar chana or chikar cholay as in Punjabi accent.

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Reviews & Comments (34)

Fareed - Karachi Nov 16, 2018
My whole family is hooked on this recipe! Wonderful and easy to make. Now they want lahori chikar cholay every weekend. They are super tasty and easy to make as well.
Mussab - Lahore Oct 01, 2018
I love to have Lahori chikar cholay at the time of breakfast. I tell my mother to make them every Sunday. They are best to have with pooris or parathas.
Afrinash - sahiwal Sep 28, 2018
Lahori Chikar Cholay has been my favorite kind of dish.Lahori Chikar Cholay is a very tasty and delicious dish for Pakistan specially lahore.Lahori Chikar Cholay makes with the lots of spicey and the many more masala.I try many recipes and found this recipes is quit easy.
Nelofar - lahore Sep 12, 2018
Lahori chikar cholay is a wonderful recipe that my family, friends and I enjoy quite a lot. We have very big gatherings at nights so this recipe helps a lot to keep everyone satisfied. The best part is that it takes very less time to prepare so it becomes easier.
iman memon - hyderabad Aug 27, 2018
Lahori chikar cholay are the reason why I still love desi food. It is delicious, has meat and cholay and wah! the taste is just splendid.


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Lahori Chikar Cholay is a traditional food recipe that is quite popular in the past and as of the present. Lahori Chikar Cholay recipe is quite easy and most prevalent in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh though the dish has been originated from Lahore most probably and is one of the the staple food items of the city. The dish is doing popular that it is widely distributed in each and every restaurant of the city. Lahori Chikar Cholay can be used in the breakfast, lunch or dinner and even as a mid-meal snack. Lahori Chikar Cholay is highly nutritious due to its ingredients which include the protein rich chickpeas (Cholay) and can be cooked to an extremely mouth watering dish by following this Lahori Chikar Cholay recipe. Here is a simple recipe to make Chikar Cholay at home and enjoy the delicious yet healthy food. Serve it with crushed green chillies, lemon and garam masala powder with fried naan or batura as a main course meal or just as a snack.


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