Paprika cheese Meaning in English

The paprika cheese is the cheese in which paprika and other herbs like parsley, pepper or even onion are added. The paprika cheese can be bought from a deli counter or even prepared at home. Put cottage cheese into a sieve and use a wooden spoon to push it through the mesh into a mixing bowl. Cream the butter by beating it against the side of another mixing bowl with a wooden spoon. Beat in the cottage cheese, paprika, the black pepper, salt, caraway seeds, mustard, capers, onion and sour cream. Then continue beating vigorously with wooden spoon (or electric mixer at medium speed) until a smooth paste called paprika cheese forms. Paprika cheese can be spread in sandwiches or used as a filling in crepes or even as a topping as in pizzas.The addition of paprika gives a peppery flavor to the cheese.


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