Corn cob Meaning in English

Corn cob Also Known AsBhutta. Corn on the cob is the culinary term for a cooked ear of freshly-picked maize from a cultivar of sweet corn. The ear is picked while the endosperm is in the "milk stage" so that the kernels are still tender. Other varieties (called field corn) are edible as "roasting ears", but are not tender or sweet. Ears of corn still in their green husks are roasted, steamed or boiled. The husk leaves are then removed before serving. Sweet corn rapidly loses its sugars after picking as they are converted to starch, so it is important to cook the ears as soon as possible after picking.Corn on the cob is usually eaten while still warm. It is often seasoned with salt and buttered before serving. Skewers are available to hold the ear while eating, which are thrust into the ends of the cob and allow users to eat corn on the cob without burning the fingers or getting dripping butter and juice on the hands.


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