Almond (Badam)

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Almond (Badam) is one of the most favorite dry fruit. It has a great nutritional volume to make your life healthy & active. It is native to the Middle East and South Asia especially Syria, Israel, Turkey and Pakistan from where it has extended to other division of the world. almonds are used not only as an essential ingredient for Tibb-e-Unani therapies but it also has many traditional uses in household cuisines and the preparation of sweet dishes such as almond pudding, Almond drink, Carrot & Almond soup, Crispy almond Baked thigh, Badami Qurma, Badami Gosht, Badami Palao and many others. Almond Health Benefits: There are lots of Health benefits of Almonds some of them are as under 1) Good for Brain 2) Good for skin care 3) Helps to boosts the energy level. 4) Help for reducing the level of sugar after meal 5) Help to control blood pressure. And many have many other healthy benefits.

100 G Almonds

Calories Fat Carbs Protein
578 50.64g 19.74g 21.26g

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Almond (Badam)

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