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Almond is good for beauty and so does its oil. It offers lots of beauty benefits with healthy effects. Using almond oil on skin helps achieve a shiny and smooth skin. It is also good for hair. It strengthens hair roots, makes them shinier and good looking. Similarly, it makes your skin delicate, shining and soft. Beauty experts worldwide suggest almond oil for beautiful skin and hair.

Who doesn't know about benefits of almonds? Everyone knows that almonds are good for memory, eye sight and it's oil is good for hair as well. But do you know that almonds oil is also beneficial to achieve a gorgeous and healthy skin. It nourishes the skin, makes it moist and beautiful. It also improves dryness of the lips. Moreover it is helpful to remove dark eye circles and wrinkles of the face.

If you are seriously looking to improve your beauty, read the tips given in this article and beautify yourself incredibly.

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Today, we will especially discuss about the advantages of almond oil especially for skin. Do you know this oil puts great effect on every type of skin? Yes. It does. Let's know more how almonds oil improves our skin.

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Benefits for Moisturizing Skin

Almonds oil is better for all types of skin, for dry and for normal too. It is very light and permeates quickly into skin easily. However, it is best for dry skin. You only need to do massage with it for keep your skin moisturized.

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Chapped Lips

Did your lips chap? Anyone with chapped lips should apply almond oil lip gloss which will do way better than ordinary market balms. It will make your lips shiny, beautiful and healthy.

How to Make Almond-Oil Lip Gloss

Mix 4 to 5 drops of almonds oil with one teaspoon honey well. Store it in an air-tight container and apply on your lips whole week. It will make your lips pinky and glossy.

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For Face Wrinkles

Thanks to nature for providing vitamins A and B in the form of Badam Tel. It can remove wrinkles from your face. Massage your face with it before sleeping and wash in the morning as you do normally. Within some days, your face would start becoming fresher.

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Almond Oil for Dark Circles

Getting black circles around eyes is very common. Nobody likes it. To remove them, again you can take benefit from almond oils. Start massaging the area with oil and after some days, you would observe that the circles are either lightened or totally removed.

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Oil of almonds can also be used in facial scrubs. It will clean all dirt out of your face. It also helps in removing dead skin cells.

How to Use as Scrub

Mix one spoon sugar with almonds oil well and scrub your face with this mixture in anti- clockwise directions. You would see the difference!

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  • Sahrish - Kamoke Jun 11, 2017

    Sir badam k oil ki tasir kya hai???

  • IqrA - lhr Nov 02, 2016

    Thank you soooo much for this knowledge...

  • Saneeta - Thatta City Feb 25, 2016

    I have coconut oil at this time . I bought it because I read about its benefits and I started using it . But now I read about benefits of almond oil and I am thinking to buy it too. I think there would be many things that coconut oil can do that are here mentioned for almonds oil. Am I right?

  • Kashif Mehboob - KHI Feb 11, 2016

    looking for a way to make this oil at home. As it is included in my monthly ration and so i always have them in bulk and therefore i am thinking to extract its oil myself. No need to buy it separately. And homemade oil will be pure as well.

  • Nafeesa Shah - Sukkur Jan 28, 2016

    This is one of my favorite oils. I like almonds, olive and kalonji oil and also sometimes coconut oil. I have found that if you apply any of these oils on your skin in winter, they work better than the lotion. I apply these oils on skin, hair and even on my lips. and I am happy.

  • Iqra - Islamabad Jan 19, 2016

    can someone guide me how to extract oil from almonds ? i want to do it myself as I do not want to buy polluted and contaminated oils. If possible I would extract the oil myself and will use it for my beauty.

  • Raheela Jawwad Ahmed - Lahore Jan 07, 2016

    I haven't seen pure almonds oil in market. can somebody tell me where to get the purest oil or how to make it at home? I would also try making it myself for my satisfaction.

  • rabia irshad - kamra Dec 31, 2015

    please tell me more oils that I can use for improving my skin and health. I also sometimes drink olive oil but Not any effect yet. so please suggest me exactly what can i use and what will improve my skin? thanks

  • Nadra - Karachi Dec 21, 2015

    almond and olive oils are my best products to use ever. What i want is to get pure oil because it has the maximum benefits for skin. Most oils available do not contain full nutrients but it is very hard to get the purest form of oils.

  • Bilquis - Lahore Dec 19, 2015

    All these oils are awesome: almond oil, olive oil and coconut oil. I have read many information about all these oils and all are very good for skin and your overall beauty. All you need is to know how to make use of these oils.

  • Aliya Marri - Quetta Dec 08, 2015

    is this oil available ready made? i cannot bother myself in making and extracting oil myself? I want it just ready! I will buy it however expensive

  • Rehamat - Manama Dec 04, 2015

    Sir ye to Auchi information h

  • Marina - Karachi Dec 02, 2015

    good one. never heard of this much benefits of this oil. gladly will apply. we use it only for hair but never knew about all these things. I am sharing this article with all my home members too.

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