Garlic Bread Recipe

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Hotdog buns 2 cut in thick slIces
Butter 4 ounce
Salt and pepper ¼ tsp each
Garlic paste 1 tsp leveled
Parsley finely chopped 1 tbsp

How to make Garlic Bread


Cut hot dogs into thick slices, spread with seasoned garlic butter.

Grill in oven on 180 degree C for 10 minutes until crisp.

Serve garlic bread in basket.

Shireen Anwar Posted By: Amna Iqbal, Jadda

Garlic bread is a popular bread used in breakfast and as appetizer before meals. Garlic bread is topped with olive oil and garlic and sometimes with butter. In some parts of the world, different herbs are also used to make this bread. After the topping process, bread is grilled to get toasted completely. It is also broiled or baked in oven. offers a simple garlic bread recipe from scratch for you guys. Yet you may have eaten it as appetizer in restaurants but now onwards, you could enjoy a homemade garlic bread recipe with the help of instructions given above.

In general, a garlic bread is made with a baguette which is sliced downwards so its condiments get soaked into the loaf while keeping it intact. Bread is further stuffed in the cuts using minced garlic, oil and sometimes cheese before baking it for use. Some restaurants serve cheese garlic bread recipe which is almost same as it's standard recipes but the only difference is the cheese.

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Babul - Islamabad Mar 30, 2017
Your website is one I like, today I came here to search Garlic Bread recipe as well as some other Appetizer and Snack Recipes for my family.
Khalida Naz - Lahore Aug 17, 2015
I like it alot. I didnt know about it until I tasted in pizza hut in a treat given to me and then I found it so delicious that I remembered it since that time. Now I will make it at home with my mother.

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Learn an easy garlic bread recipe brought to you by KFoods from Shireen Anwar's recipes collection. Enjoy slices of garlic bread in breakfast, as appetizer or as a tea time snack. Recipe is very simple. You could make a tasteful bread in your first attempt.


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