Chehre Se Faltu Baal Khatam Karna

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Chehre Se Faltu Baal Khatam Karna
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Face Hair Removal Tips

(Translated in English)

  • Tip 1: Take 7 seeds of soy, peganum harmala and radish with water before going to sleep.

  • Tip 2: Grind dry bitter gourd, fenugreek seeds and black plum seeds to a fine powder. Take it once in a day.

  • Tip 3: Girls who practice hair waxing can add fenugreek seeds in the water. This will also help removing face from hair.

On this page, we told useful tips for removing additional hair from face in English and in Urdu (Face ke baal khatam karna). Try any of these tips and make yourself more beautiful and gorgeous.

چہرے کے فالتو بال

اگر خواتین کے چہرے پر فالتو بال اُگتے ہوں تو درج ذیل نسخہ استعمال کریں انشاءاللہ واضح فرق محسوس کریں
سویا ، ہرمل اور مولی کے بیج کے سات دانے سونے سے پہلے پانی سے پھانک لیں۔
سوکھا کریلا ، میتھی دانہ ، جامن کے بیج پیس لیں، پاﺅڈر بنا کر رکھ دیں دن میں ایک بار استعمال کریں
جو خواتین ویکس کرواتی ہیں تو پانی میں میتھی دانہ بھی بھگو دیں تو بال پتلا نکلے گا۔

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really nowadays I am searching is tip and finally, I get it and I always say thanks kfood.just because of you I have many problems solve so again thanks.

  • fabiha hasan, Feb 26, 2018

Thanks, I was very much in need of this totka, I was getting unnecessary hair on chin and cheeks and I was anxiously looking for some method for it. I do not go usually to skin doctors or dermatologists because their treatments are very lengthy.

  • Qudsiya, Oct 26, 2017

face hair really create a problem. Actually it makes girls shy and non-confident while talking to someone. I highly recommend following these tips in order to get a confident and energetic lifestyle.

  • Nasra, Jul 17, 2017