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We see many girls around with a question: how to remove face hair? This is a big problem in women. As they reach teenage, they start getting unwanted hair on face, chin and cheeks. This impacts the beauty and overall personality and that is why women want to get rid of it at the soonest. Face hair problem affects a large ratio of women. There are hundreds of natural ways to remove unwanted facial hair in the world however KFoods.com offers the best and the most effective for you. This totka is very easy to practice at home. Try it yourself, remove unwanted hairs permanently and take your beauty to the next level.

Many hair removers are easily available in the market but that may be harmful for your skin because of their unnatural chemicals. Let’s come to know a homemade natural ingredients base hair remover tip that is easy to use without any side effect. So let’s try this tip and also share it with your friends.

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بیسن کو پانی میں گھول کر چہرے پر لگائیں۔ جب یہ ہلکا خشک ہوجائے تو اسے ہاتوں کی مدد سے کھرچ کر اتار لیں۔ اس سے بال جڑ سے نکل آئیں گے۔ پانی میں نمک ڈال کر سوتی کپڑے سے اسے چہرے پر ملیں۔ تقریبا ایک پفتے کے باقاعدہ استعمال سے بال ختم ہو جائیں گے۔

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Yamna Apr 18, 2017
Is this one tip continued to end or are these two different tips ? If these are two different tips, then i liked the first one. I have gram flour at my home it is very easy to make it's mixture with water and apply on face.
Nida Apr 09, 2017
Thank you kfoods, face hair is a big problem for girls and we visit every this and that clinic to get rid of it but very few doctors are able to provide proper solution. Now I got some hope after seeing this herbal solution here.
Sona Mar 19, 2017
oh great, i immediately want to instantly remove rough hair from different parts of the face. I often go to beauty parlor however they do it temporarily, and they appear again.


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