Tips To Remove Female Chin Hair

Tips To Remove Female Chin Hair
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تھوڑی سے بال ختم کرنے کا انتہائی آسان طریقہ

اس نسخہ کو بنانے کے لئے درج ذیل اجزاء درکار ہیں ۔

سرنجان تلخ۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔50گرام
ہرتال ورکی ۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔10گرام

بنانے کا طریقہ :

دونوں اجزاء کو ملا کر پاؤڈر بنالیں ۔

لگانے کا طریقہ :

۱۔ رات کو سونے سے پہلے اس پاؤڈر کو ذرا سے پانی میں مکس کرکے تھوڑی پر لگا کر سوجائیں ۔
۲۔ صبح اُٹھ کر دھولیں ۔
۳۔ ایک مہینہ تک یہ عمل دھرائیں۔

Tips to remove female chin hair

Tips to remove female chin hair remedy explain a very easy way to remove facial hair, including the stubborn chin hair. Almost every woman spends at least hundreds of dollars on epilators, waxing kits, safety razors, and trimmers to remove their stubborn facial hair. Often, some of them end up bleaching to hair. It’s better if the hair is invisible, right? But if you’re the kind of person who removes hair regularly, then we’re you’re already tired of the constant shaving/waving. But did you know there is a natural way to remove facial hair naturally? The trick is simple!

Not only is this remedy ready to remove your ingrown facial hair, but also help the hair come out as less and more thinner than before. Unwanted facial hair is embarrassing to some people when it comes to beauty, especially women when they turn older and change to menopause.

The easiest way to get rid of facial hair for good!


The following ingredients are required to make the prescription.
Colchicum Bitter (Suranjan Talkh)............... 50 grams
Yellow Orpiment (Hartal Warqia)................ 10 grams

How to make:

Mix both the ingredients and make powder.

How to use:

1. Before sleeping at night, take the mixture and mix with little water until it turns into a paste.
2. Apply the mixture to the areas you have facial hair. Do not apply on eyebrows or scalp hair.
3. Leave it on your face and go to sleep.
4. Wake up in the morning and rinse with water.
5. Do this for a month and see the difference.

Thodi ke Baal ka Khatma | Remove unnecessary hair on Chin

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