Chicken Mughlai Recipe

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Chicken—500 gram (1/2 kg)
Ghee—250 gram (1/4 kg)
Yogurt—200 gram
Onion (ground)—2 bulb
Red Chili (roughly ground)—2 tablespoonful
Salt—to the taste
Coriander (ground)—2 Teaspoonful
Almonds—a few heads
Cashew Nut—25 gram
Cream (Milk)—100 gram
Ground SpIces Mixture (Garam Masala)—1 Teaspoonful
Coconut (ground)—50 gram
Ginger and Garlic (ground)—1 tablespoonful

How to make Chicken Mughlai


Put the finely chopped onion in oil and fry till they turn brown.
Add ginger, garlic, yogurt in brown onions and roast them.
Mix red chili and coriander in it.
When the oil starts separating from the rest of the ingredients, add chicken and roast it well.
After the chicken is boiled, mix ground almonds, coconut, cashew nut and cream.
Keep it on steam for five minutes so that the newly added ingredients are absorbed into the meat.
The delicious Chicken Mughlani is ready to taste.
Enjoy it with your family, friends and loved ones

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