Top 5 Yogurt Benefits (5 Reasons to Eat Yogurt Everyday)

1. Losing Weight

The term losing weight fast can come true by eating yogurt. Yes, probiotic yogurt contains good bacteria which aids digestion in the body and keeps you full for long. In addition, calcium and amino acids in yogurt also help burn fats fast and ultimately leads to a reduced body weight.

Note: Continuous use along exercise is must for noticeable loss in weight.

2. Helps Rule Out Blood Pressure

Excessive sodium in the body causes the problems of blood pressure. Yogurt contains potassium which removes sodium from the body thus prevents the chances of high blood pressure.

Eat a bowl of yogurt with one day gap in order to avoid high BP problem.

3. Promotes Digestion in Body

Yogurt is very good for digestion. It itself is a quick-to-digest food. In addition, being opulent in good bacteria, it aids overall digestion as well. Yogurt is also advised to eat in several stomach problems such as diarrhea and constipation.

Consume one bowl of fresh low-fat yogurt everyday.

4. Good for Teeth and Gums

Eating yogurt is good for mouth as well. Yogurt helps protect teeth against cavities and various teeth and gum diseases. Lactic acid, calcium and protein, all in this white miracle are friendly to the oral health.

Eat even a little amount of yogurt can help with your oral health.

5. Beautiful Shiny Hair

Yogurt is also good for your hair. It contains zinc, protein and calcium in abundance which promote shine, beauty and health in hairs. Yogurt is also considered to be a natural hair conditioner.

Usage Tip:

Apply fresh plain yogurt on hair for 30 minutes and then wash with shampoo. Do this once in a week and make your hairs shiny, nourishing and dandruff free.

Explore top 5 health benefits of yogurt shared by; reading these benefits, you would start eating yogurt on daily basis.


Yogurt is pre-defined. We all know what yogurt is but very few people know about it's advantages to health. This fermented form of milk comes with lots of nutrition and health benefits. It provides calcium, protein, vitamin B, folic acid, potassium and iodine to the body.

Physicians recommend eating a bowl of yogurt daily in the morning. In broad view, there are many heavyweight benefits of yogurt for skin, hair, weight loss, constipation, immunity, cholesterol reduction and yet many. is going to discuss the top 5 here.

Read on and know the out of sight gains of eating yogurt.

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