How to Treat Sneezing: 5 Home Remedies

Remedy 1

Black Pepper (Kali Mirch)

Black pepper is a very effective remedy to cure sneezeing. The simple method of using black pepper also helps for runny nose problem.


  • Mix 1/2 tbsp black pepper powder in a cup of warm water and drink this mixture daily twice or thrice.
  • Use it as mouthwash: rinse your mouth with the mixture also helps remove viruses.

Remedy 2

Garlic (Lehsun)

Garlic's antibiotic and antiviral properties of garlic help keep various respiratory problems at the bay. There are different methods to get rid of extra-ordinary sneezing using garlic. Follow the tips given below.


  • Press some garlic cloves and form a paste. Now inhale the smell through the paste as this will unblock the nasal airways and therefore providing relief from annoying sneezes.
  • Add garlic chopped, crushed, whole cloves or in other forms into your diet e.g. salad, gravy, pizza, rice etc.

Remedy 3

Bitter Gourd (Karela)

Bitter gourd is another very effective natural thing to relieve excessive sneezes. It is naturally enriched with medicinal properties which work greatly to cure the problem.


  • Steep some leaves of bitter gourd in water.
  • Remove the after some time, squeeze them, add some lukewarm water and prepare a juice.
  • Add honey for better taste.
  • Drink this juice regularly for protecting yourself from sneezing & various winter allergies.

Remedy 4

Fenugreek Seeds (Methi Ke Beej)

Fenugreek seeds are amazing to cure sneezing. They are loaded with antiviral properties and help largely to relieve irritation and allergies.


  • Add 3 tsp fenugreek seeds to water in a pan.
  • Boil this mixture.
  • When the water remains half, strain out the seeds and drink the water.
  • Take the drink 2 or 3 times in the day.

Remedy 5

Ginger (Adrak)

Ginger is a known home remedy to cure various kinds of nasal and respiratory health issues. Find following how to use ginger to cure sneezing.


  • Take 2 tsp of ginger extract two times a day (use until you need).
  • Cut a little piece of ginger into slices and boil it. Add honey for better taste. Drink this tea before you sleep.

If you are a sneeze sufferer, is telling 5 ways to treat sneeze continuous sneezes. In this article you would find 5 home remedies to cure sneezing of different forms with common household things.

Other than a random sneeze which you got following a smoke of dust, there are times when you continuously get sneezing. It seems there is no reason of these sneezes but it is the activity of our immune system which expels out allergens and germs outside the lungs (through mouth and nose). Usual causes of continuous sneezes are dust mites, smoke, pet dander, mold, wooden dust and so on. Other reasons which can cause severe sneezing problems are strong pungent smells, drugs, food allergies as well as change in weather and temperature.

Here are the 5 household remedies for sneezing.

Sneezing Home Remedies

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How to Treat Sneezing: 5 Home Remedies

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