6 Foods for Pain Relief (Naturally)

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Next time when you suffer with some sort of pain, do not go for medicines instantly but try any of the foods discussed in this article. Foods are better than medications; do not afflict you with any side effects and always available in your kitchen. While on the other hand, medicines are not always available, come with hazardous side effects and also cost you the money.

There are some good pain relieving foods that naturally contain properties to reduce certain kinds of pains such as: toothache, periods pain, joints pain, arthritis, inflammation, back pain as well as fatigue after work.

See how to make use of these natural fruits, vegetables, oils and herbs to get instant pain relief.

By Aqib Shehzad    |    In Health and Fitness   |    1 Comments    |    16163 Views    |    10 Mar 2016

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some of these foods are kept in my kitchen. So I will remember the method told in this post. Thanks

Mar 17, 2016 Bina Akram

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